Tensing Pen Rooms

Tensing Pen rooms come mostly in the form of suites and cottages and offer a sumptuous take on traditional Jamaican style in Negril. Ample windows allow fresh ocean air to filter in, and many bedrooms feature lovely four-poster beds that help to inspire a true feeling of romance. Complementing the sumptuous beds are handcrafted wood furnishings, attractive artwork, and exquisite tile floors. On the outside, terraces, patios, and verandas provide guests with splendid places to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding scenery. In most cases, ocean views can be readily enjoyed, and serving as a complement are views of the property’s lush tropical foliage. Considering the quality of the Tensing Pen rooms alone, it is easy to understand why the Tensing Pen Resort gets more than its fair share of praise. It can certainly make for an excellent place to escape to on Jamaica vacations. Reasonable rates only add to the overall appeal.

It is important to note that the Tensing Pen rooms don’t feature such things as phones or televisions. Guests will also find it difficult to get their hands on a newspaper, unless they venture off the grounds in search of one. The lack of such amenities is intentional. The notion is that it makes it easier to achieve true relaxation. Absent are the bothers of the real world. This is a practice that some of the world’s most relaxing resorts adhere to. These kinds of resorts are typically found in amazingly beautiful destinations, which should be enough to keep guests satisfied.



The Tensing Pen rooms aren’t really rooms at all. The majority of the accommodations are cozy cottages or suites. Also available is a three-bedroom house that is known as the Long House. It is the largest accommodation that is available at the Tensing Pen Resort. Guests who are interested in a multi-bedroom accommodation can also consider renting the Red Birch Cottage. It features two air conditioned bedrooms. Other cottages that share a common structure can be rented together, and if you want to take things further, it is possible to rent the entire property.

While most of the Tensing Pen cottages sit on the ground, there are several that are elevated and imitate tree houses. These are known as The Pillars (pictured). From the elevated verandas, The Pillars guests can savor what are arguably some of the best views on the property. That being said, there really isn’t a bad view at the Tensing Pen Resort. Since the Tensing Pen cottages vary in size and price, prospective guests who are planning on booking a cottage unit are encouraged to give them all a look before making their ultimate lodging decisions. As for the Tensing Pen suites, you can read more about them in the following paragraph.


Most of the Tensing Pen rooms are stand-alone cottages. There’s also the aforementioned Long House, which is more like a home rental. Rounding out the accommodation choices are a small number of suites, which are commonly labeled as cottages themselves, though they share a similar structure with another suite. As sumptuous as the stand-alone cottages and the larger Long House, the suites are beautifully decorated and full of atmospheric charm. Quite simply, there isn’t a bad guest unit at the Tensing Pen Resort. The Tensing Pen suites are housed in the Garden Building, the South House, and a building known as the Seagrape, and since there are only two suites per structure, they offer plenty in the way of privacy. At so many other Jamaica resorts, you will often end up sharing a building with many more guests, which can have a negative effect on relaxation.

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