Jamaica Cruises from the US

Jamaica cruises from the US figure among the most popular cruises in the world. Part of the reason for this is the wealth of options and the overall allure of Jamaica itself. Also enticing for many travelers is the fact that cruises from the US to Jamaica tend to include stops in a few different Caribbean destinations. This allows the cruise passenger to get a taste of more than just one place. Better yet, when the ship is out at sea, passengers can stay busy any number of ways. These days, cruise ships are practically floating mega-resorts.

Florida is the main hub for Jamaica cruises from the US. That being said, travelers aren’t limited to the Sunshine State when trying to find US to Jamaica cruises. Cruise ports can be found in other states as well, and some of these ports serve as hubs for Caribbean-bound ships. This is good news for those who are interested in expanding their options.

Port of Miami

Of all the world’s cruise ship ports, none is busier than the Port of Miami. This has something to do with the fact that Miami makes for an ideal jump-off point for Caribbean cruises. Many of these cruises make a stop in Jamaica, with Montego Bay and Ocho Rios being the main ports of call. As for other Caribbean destinations that might also be included on the itinerary of your Miami to Jamaica cruise, both Mexico and the Cayman Islands are popular stops. Back in Miami, cruise passengers have the option to treat themselves to a little time in South Beach before or after the cruise. As a side note, there are other options for Florida to Jamaica cruises if you aren’t set on leaving from Miami.

Galveston Cruises

If you live closer to Texas than to Florida, you might focus on Galveston instead of Miami when trying to find Jamaica cruises from the US. A major port city, Galveston is among the main hubs for such cruises, and it only appears that the options are set to increase. At least two cruise lines plan on joining the mix. As for things to do in Galveston before or after the cruise, the historic downtown area is ideal for sightseeing strolls, and a visit to the Moody Gardens is just one more option for things to do. Also of interest is the fact that Houston is only an hour away. Most Galveston cruises last seven days and have Montego Bay as their main Jamaican port of call.

Cruises from New Orleans

Combining some time in New Orleans with a Jamaica cruise can certainly make for a wonderful vacation. Much like Galveston, New Orleans is a hub for US to Jamaica cruises that tend to last seven days. The difference is that most of the New Orleans cruises use Ocho Rios or Falmouth as their Jamaican ports of call as opposed to Montego Bay.

New York Cruises

Departing from New York City is just one more option when it comes to Jamaica cruises from the US. That’s right, the Big Apple is a major cruise hub itself, and the Jamaica cruises that embark from this grand city are similar to those that embark from the Florida ports. Before or after the cruise, travelers can enjoy such NYC attractions as the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, so this is a very exciting alternative. It should be noted that a cruise from New York City to Jamaica usually costs about the same as a cruise from Florida to Jamaica. Also, it is usually easier to find a flight into one of the NYC airports as opposed to the smaller airports in Miami.

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