Shafston Great House, Clarendon

Shafston Great House

Po Box 35, Bluefields

The Shafston Greathouse is an ideal place to stay in Jamaica if you want to get off the beaten path. Situated on a hillside that overlooks the town of Bluefields, this guesthouse is a world away from the busier tourist enclaves of Montego Bay, Negril, and Ocho Rios. Surrounding the old plantation house is a light tropical forest, and within easy reach are inviting beaches. Guests who wish to venture off to other places around the island can book various trips and tours through the hotel, though it is understandable if the urge to stay put sets in.

The Shafston Greathouse is an eco-friendly oasis that calls the largely undeveloped South Shore of Jamaica home. Among the most popular activities among guests is relaxing in a hammock and enjoying the beautiful views of the sea. As day turns into night, amazing sunsets can often be savored, which only adds to the allure. In relation to the rooms, there are two types. They include those that can be found in the main house and those that are housed in the newer addition that is just a short walk from the main house. Perhaps the main difference between the different rooms is that the main house rooms have their own private bathrooms. Guests who book a room in the newer addition share communal bathrooms. Either way, such things as televisions and air conditioning units are absent. A stay at the Shaftston Greathouse is more about enjoying the natural elements as opposed to relying on modern distractions for entertainment. As for the lack of air conditioning, the cooler mountain air combines with fans to make things comfortable.

Guests of the delightful Shafston Greathouse can select from a few different lodging packages. They can opt to book their accommodations only, choose a bed and breakfast plan, or go the all inclusive route. Discounts are offered for longer stays, which is good news for those who aren’t in a rush to leave. As for getting there, the hotel recommends flying into Montego Bay. Arrangements can be made for an airport pick-up. Other options for getting from the airport to the Shafston Greathouse include taking a taxi, hopping on a minibus, or driving yourself. The hotel can help guests figure out all the travel intricacies regardless of their preferred means of transportation.