Anse Ceron Beach

If you're visiting the St Pierre ruins or staying in the area be sure to pay a visit to nearby Anse Ceron Martinique, also called Anse du Ceron by locals. Anse Ceron is considered one of the best beaches in Martinique when it comes to black sand shores, although Anse du Ceron is more gray than stark black. Along the eastern side of the beach lie sweeping, pristine forests, while to the west the turquoise sea gleams like ice from this lovely Martinique beach. Though diving isn't as popular at this Martinique beach as some others, snorkeling is great adjacent to the rocks along the shore. Anse Ceron beach is uncultivated, giving it an untouched feel, but there are showers and bathroom facilities onsite.

Around the gentle sloping crescent of Anse du Ceron, surfing is also popular when the northern swells hit. The adjacent cliffs flank the coastal highway by Anse Ceron creating a stunning backdrop and rugged roadway. Visitors who prefer some activity when visiting this Martinique beach can swim out to Ilet la Perle, or Pearl Island, and leap off the rocks for an exciting diving adventure around the rock face of the island.

Near the area there are many things to do if you don't want to spend the entire day at the beach. Head away from Anse Ceron Martinique and north up for a walking tour of famous Mount Pelee in St Pierre, take a hike through the Parc Naturel Regional de la Martinique, or Regional Natural Reserve of Martinique for a healthy dose of exercise and beautiful surrounding scenery. Or head further south and visit some of the beaches around Fort de France for a little variety and experience. A visit to Anse Ceron Martinique makes a terrific day trip and provides access to many areas of interest along the western coast.

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