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With more than fifty thousands cruise ships arriving at Fort de France each year, the large number of Martinique cruises offers a wide variety of itineraries and sightseeing. Cruises to Martinique have steadily been on the rise with more and more people from around the world curious about what this Creole-influenced island has to offer. With fantastic shopping, delectable dining, and plenty of old-world history, a Martinique cruise presents an opportunity to explore the best of the French territory. The Tourelles Terminal near Fort de France is a cargo port which sees more water transportation than anywhere else on the island. The terminal"s close proximity to the center of the city and to many Martinique hotels, beaches, and other sights makes it a very convenient option for getting around.

Many cruises to Martinique from other nearby islands offer ecotourism trips exploring the rich history throughout the area, the eco-wonders here, the excellent diving to wrecks and reefs, and the world-class golf. Martinique cruise trips also focus on the many rum distilleries found around the island. These award-winning establishments are famous for tours and tastings, one of the most popular things to do when visiting. Cruise lines visiting the port of call include many well-known and established cruise lines as well as some smaller local ships. The new Pointe Simon Cruise Dock holds two larger Martinique cruise ships and offers easy access to the shores of Fort de France. Though there is no security to pass through when visiting via Martinique cruise trips, custom officers are present at the docks, offering clearance to passengers without any formalities.

Martinique cruise trips, both short and long, offer visitors the chance to explore the many wonderful island sites and attractions such as famous Mount Pelee, historic Saint Pierre, and a wonderful world of underwater diving. Though one day isn't nearly enough to experience all the island has to offer, Martinique cruises are still an excellent way to soak in some true Creole culture and enjoy a truly French-inspired Caribbean destination, even if only for a day. While Martinique cruise ships are docked near Fort de France, visitors can experience a flood of things to do such as visiting restaurants and cafes, shopping in the heart of the city, enjoying cold Caribbean cocktails at open-air seaside bars and shopping for many unique local specialties.

Many Martinique cruise trips also include tours of the island while docked. Travelers can choose either a self-guided tour by rental car or local taxi, or opt for a hassle-free guided tour offer by one of the cruise lines. During high season in the winter months tours are very popular. This time of year does see higher rates for Martinique cruises, which also book up quickly. Be sure to make reservations at least four weeks in advance to ensure your place on the cruise.

Cruise class is another decision to make before booking cruises to Martinique. Premium and luxury cruises offer lavish surroundings, pampering, and upscale amenities. They tend to be offered on smaller ships with a host of luxury services included. Value cruises are a step down and the most popular choice for visitors. These types of Martinique cruises are often offered aboard large ships sailed by well-known cruise lines with many more passengers on board.

Specialty cruises are also available and include many different itineraries. Many stop at a number of islands and dock overnight. Some dock only for the day and others only for a few hours. When choosing a specialty cruise be sure to look at all options available before booking. No matter which cruise option is chosen, the sights, sounds, and smells of Martinique will all be the same when you set foot on land. The unique culture, geography, and history sets the island far apart from other Caribbean destinations with a Creole flair and beauty unlike any other island.

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