Martinique Dining

With every new country visited there is always the pleasure of tasting tantalizing, new dishes you have never tried before. The gastronomical adventure awaiting in each new country is one that is as thrilling as exploring and discovering the sights and sounds of a new destination. In Martinique, dining is one of the best pleasures to experience. The incredible choice of Martinique restaurants allows for every taste and budget to enjoy an array of wonderful dishes. Though many Caribbean islands feature an assortment of similar foods, Martinique cuisine is unique. With the melange of cultures creating a medley of influences on the island, Martinique foods offer a distinct Creole flare with French cuisine presented along with the spice of Southeast Asia, East India and Africa.

When exploring the many options in Martinique dining, one of the most common ingredients at restaurants is fresh and delectable seafood. Completely surrounded by the ocean, many Martinique locals are in the business of seafood, bringing fresh catches to Martinique restaurants each day for a choice of the best of the best. Smoked fish, curry dishes, delicious stuffed crab, a myriad of shellfish cooked in many different ways, and much more grace the tables of most restaurants throughout the island. Whether trying Martinique foods on a local's front porch, an upscale restaurant, or a casual eatery, the taste of Creole cooking is always present.

Creole dishes comprise a sumptuous blend of exotic influences. Poultry and seafood are popular ingredients included in many classic Creole dishes. Enticing spices are found in recipes passed down from one generation to another in families. Local vegetables and fruits are also commonly served with fiery dishes, while butter and bread help to put the fire in your mouth out! Some other typical Martinique foods include octopus, lobster, sausage, goat, freshwater crayfish, mussels, and sea urchin. Eggplant, peppers, pineapple, and fritters often accompany many local meals.

The importance of culinary delights in France is extremely evident in Martinique as well. Taking a cue from the island's mother country, Martinique dining rates as one of the top things to do, along with sightseeing, diving, and shopping. Top notch Martinique cuisine can be experienced at many different hotels, along the many Martinique beaches around the island, and throughout some of the most popular cities and towns like Fort de France and St Pierre. Many special events, like Carnival and the Martinique Jazz Festival, feature copious amounts of Martinique cuisine to choose from. Spicy Creole, nouvelle French foods, and classic French dishes are displayed on menus around the island. Special events are one of the best places to explore the world of Martinique cuisine with a very large variety of special dishes for visitors to try.

If you're planning on dining out at local Martinique restaurants, it's a good idea to make reservations ahead of time. Remember that the speed of service for Martinique cuisine is not offered at the same standard as many other countries. The Caribbean tempo is slow and relaxed and that same rhythm is echoed in food service. Try arriving at Martinique restaurants before ravishing hunger sets in, enjoy the beautiful backdrops many establishments feature, and relish in the wonderful taste of unique Creole cooking. With more than 150 restaurants serving up a variety of fine Martinique foods, visitors are treated to some of the most varied dining choices in the entire Caribbean.

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