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There are so many festivals and events in Martinique kicking off all year round that no matter when you choose to visit you'll find many fun things to do. From the northern edges of the island to the southern tip dotted with beaches and resorts and everywhere in between, Martinique events emanate a Caribbean flavor spiced with Creole and French influences, offering a unique vibe and island feel. Many Martinique festivals pay tribute to the island's diverse past and history, hosting parties and gatherings that draw thousands from all over the island and the world.

Carnival is one of the most popular and revered Martinique festivals on the island, as well as a favorite celebrated around the globe in colorful cities like New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, and Trinidad. Celebrating with passion and fervor, the people of Martinique show off their ability to throw an incredible party every year in the first week of February. The best place to celebrate is Fort de France, where for weeks leading up to the event costumes, floats, and other decorations are seen being made throughout the city. In Martinique events like this one, music is an integral part of the festivities. Beguine and Calypso can be heard reverberating from avenues and buildings throughout the island. From Fat Sunday through Ash Wednesday Martinique, hotels are booked solid so make sure to arrange accommodation well ahead of time.

Other events in Martinique include sailing events like the famous Tour de Yoles Rondes. Ranking high up on the list of things to do in Martinique, this sailing event is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. The yawls, sailing crafts resembling wooden canoes, participate in the exciting regatta that includes seven stops around the island. As the sailors near each stop, thundering shouts and applause of support and encouragement are heard from the communities along the way. The colorful sails are a fantastic sight to see as the yawls race for the finish line. While the teams sail for the title, spectators cook up delicious Creole dishes and barbeque all kinds of sumptuous fare with plenty of music and revelry to soak in. The free event takes place each year in August.

The International Guitar Festival is another of the impressive events in Martinique occuring every other year in Fort de France. Aside from being a great city for shopping and dining any time of year, heading to Fort de France in December for the festival is another big draw for visitors. Talented, professional musicians arrive from many different countries. For those who love music, this is a must-see event. Combining relaxed, Caribbean rhythm with French style, the beats and sounds are unique and mesmerizing. The added bonus of attending Martinique events in Fort de France is the close proximity to many other attractions like St Pierre and some of the best beaches on the west coast such as like Pointe de Bout.

The Martinique Jazz festival is another hit with both locals and visitors alike, and spans almost two weeks with performances all around the island. The Martinique Jazz Festival hosts free open-air Martinique events and concerts all planned and funded by the Centre Martiniquaise d'Action Culturelle. Each year in November the Martinique Jazz festival hosts musicians from around the world with many of the major events happening in the larger cities like Fort de France. Legendary jazz musicians, and famous Caribbean jazz professionals play in many memorable symposia and concerts. Coming from countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, St Lucia, and Brazil, the Martinique Jazz Festival exudes a truly international flavor with the welcoming atmosphere of the islands. It's one of the best Martinique festivals to attend where the island culture, cuisine, and heritage are proudly showcased.

Other exciting events in Martinique include vibrant cultural festivals, food festivals, art exhibits, concerts, and theater performances. Le Maide Saint-Pierre honors those killed in the Mount Pelee eruption of 1902 while each town, village, and city throughout the island celebrates its Patron Saint"s Day with music, food, games, and other vivacious activities. The added bonus of the Caribbean island of Martinique is that all of France's celebrations are held each year as well. Bastille Day, Beaujolais celebrations, and more illustrate the French side of island"s culture beautifully.

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