Martinique Holidays

Martinique is to France as Hawaii is to the United States — a sanctioned part of the country offshore. Officially the language spoken on the island is French, although Creole and English are also widely spoken by island natives. During a vacation in Martinique, there are myriad things to do to keep busy with a slew of both relaxing and exciting pursuits for all travelers. French influence pops up everywhere during every holiday in Martinique, from warm and fresh baguettes to high-fashion shopping and even to sun, sea, and gorgeous Martinique beaches echoing the look of southern France.

During a Caribbean getaway on Martinique, visitors must try the wide assortment of fine French and international wines or the large variety of famous island rum if they want a true island experience. Distilleries are found around the area, some world famous, with rum distillery tours rated as one of the top tourist attractions. The island's rum festival, one of the biggest and most exciting annual events, kicks off each year in December and attracts thousands of thirsty visitors celebrating on their Martinique holidays. The festival is held at the rum museum, whose location is completely enveloped in fields of bananas grown on the many plantations set in the heart of Martinique.

Many tourists on a vacation in Martinique choose to stay in or near the most popular city, Fort de France. Accommodation in the city is the most varied with luxury hotels, budget Martinique hotels, and many options in between. Fort de France, located on the island's west side, is situated almost at the center of the coastline and offers excellent proximity to many attractions, including Mount Pelee, St Pierre, and a number of gorgeous beaches and historic sites. Countless cruise ships flood into the harbor at Fort de France throughout the year, offering trips to and from other islands. Day trips that explore the surrounding shorelines are other, shorter options when taking Martinique holidays. Classy, trendy, and certainly posh, Fort de France is a colorful city offering the best sightseeing, dining, shopping, and history for visitors enjoying Martinique holidays. The local ferry is the best transportation choice offering trips to numerous beautiful beaches and other exciting tourist areas.

A holiday in Martinique offers many different forms of entertainment for many different kinds of people. Diving is another of the most popular activities to enjoy during a Caribbean getaway. Many divers secure excursions to the St Pierre area where numerous wrecks from the Mount Pelee eruption in 1902 sit still in the surrounding water. The captivating wrecks, along with plenty of vibrant reefs, play host to throngs of curious aquatic life. All around the island there are more than 80 miles of hiking trails to explore, thick with fascinating flora and fauna. Kayak, jeep, and horseback are other fantastic ways to explore during a holiday in Martinique. The island beauty is enchanting, presenting itself through stunning beaches, incredible topography, lush vegetation, exotic trees, and sweeping tropical rainforests.

When choosing an island to visit for a well-deserved Caribbean getaway, Martinique offers uniqueness all its own. With a holiday in Martinique, the high standard of living is evident in the excellent infrastructure found throughout the enclave. Getting around is an easy feat with plenty of rental cars as well as taxis and buses found in all tourist areas. Getting off the beaten path is easy too. Just rent a car and drive and you'll be treated to a spectacular show of island life in all the small towns and villages, bustling markets, and pristine, isolated coastal areas allowing a vacation in Martinique to take on life of its own.

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