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When a hassle-free trip to a Caribbean island is what you have in mind, then you might consider booking an all inclusive vacation to Martinique. The French island of Martinique is part of the Lesser Antilles, and when grouped together with the Greater Antilles, the Bahamas, and the Turks and Caicos, these islands help to form the West Indies. It's been said that Martinique offers a little bit of France in the Caribbean Islands, so if you are thinking of visiting France but also want to travel to the Caribbean, it's the ideal place for you. The all inclusive resorts in Martinique work hard to keep their guests happy, which is why you'll do well to keep them in mind when planning your visit.

In addition to a rich cultural history, Martinique also boasts plenty of sunny days and tantalizing beaches, which is enough to convince most travelers to plan a visit. Those who want an elevated level of convenience will often do well to consider the all inclusive resorts in Martinique, as they are about as convenient as can be. There are only two all inclusive resorts in Martinique to choose between: the Club Med Buccaneer's Creek and the Club Trois Ilets (pictured). The former has the bigger international presence, as the latter caters more to Francophones. If you speak French, then a stay at the Club Trois Ilets will suit you just fine, but if you only speak another language, then you will likely prefer the Club Med Buccaneer's Creek.

The Club Med Buccaneer's Creek has occupied its privileged location in the island's southaeastern corner since 1969. Weary travelers who have relaxing Martinique all inclusive vacations in mind have been coming here for decades, and for good reason. Should you choose the Club Med Buccaneer's Creek as your all inclusive Martinique resort, you'll be close to some of the island's best beaches, including Les Salines. As is the case at most all inclusive resorts that can be found near a beach, the Club Med Buccaneer's Creek offers complimentary water sports, which include things like wakeboarding, snorkeling, windsurfing, and water skiing. In other words, keeping busy won't be an issue.

In addition to a range of activities, your one-time all inclusive fee at the Club Med Buccaneer's Creek will also cover your meals, drinks, daytime and nighttime entertainment, and use of the on-site fitness center. Scuba diving, it will cost you extra, though for many travelers it's worth adding to the agenda. There are two restaurants to choose from at the Club Med Buccaneer's Creek, and you can also take advantage of the two on-site bars if you just want to grab some drinks. Recent renovations have the 293 guest rooms looking better than ever, and while none of the guest units is overly luxurious, you'll still find an array of amenities. Standard in-room amenities include air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV with cable, a telephone, a safe, a radio alarm clock with a CD player, a hair dryer, a coffee machine, and a mini-fridge. Martinique all inclusive vacations that include a stay at the Club Med Buccaneer's Creek are bound to please, especially if relaxing in the sun is your main priority.

As for the Club Trois Ilets, it too offers a beachfront location, and because it's also close to the island's main city of Fort-de-France, you can easily enjoy some urban exposure on the side. The all inclusive packages at the Club Trois Ilets also cover your meals, drinks, entertainment, and a host of activities. There's even a kids club at the Club Trois Ilets, and it offers a number of fun games and activities for children. International cuisine is offered at the resort's main restaurant, and you can also enjoy some Creole specialties when dining on-site. Before or after dinner, you might head to the open-air bar to grab a cocktail, and once the sun starts to set, hanging out on the resort's terrace is always a welcome endeavor.

The 77 rooms at the Club Trois Ilets are relatively basic, and in-room amenities include satellite TV, a mini-fridge, air-conditioning, a telephone, a coffee maker, and a hair dryer. All of the guest rooms here are clean and comfortable, and the bright island decor is attractive enough to please most guests. The Club Trois Ilets, like Martinique all inclusive vacations in general, is relatively affordable, which helps to make it a good fit for those who don't need extravagance.

Staying at one of the two resorts listed above is definitely the way to go when it comes to Martinique all inclusive vacations. You might also consider staying at the Marouba Hotel when planning your getaway, as it offers what is tantamount to an all inclusive resort experience. Don't forget to also look for all inclusive Martinique vacation packages when planning your trip, as they take convenience to the next level. Most of the packages will include your resort or hotel accommodations, your flight, your transportation once you arrive, and even a few tours on the side.

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