Pointe de Bout

Pointe de Bout is located in beautiful Les Trois Islet, or Three Islands, on the west coast of the island of Martinique. Transportation from the airport to Pointe de Bout Martinique is quick and easy with only thirteen miles to cover. Once in Pointe de Bout, travel to Fort de France is also convenient with only seven miles separating the two areas. If you're planning on visiting Pointe de bout Beach but are staying somewhere nearby, the best option is to hire a taxi. There are plenty of taxis around the island and they are affordable. Taxis to Pointe de Bout tend to be more expensive during the early morning and again in the evening. Though Pointe de Bout Martinique is often called a tourist trap of sorts, it offers a lot of opportunities for well-rounded holiday fun.

Essentially Pointe de Bout travel will give you access to the beach, a marina, some shopping, and some dining. The area isn't large, but has a good selection of tourist amenities. Pointe de Bout Beach is linked to Fort de France by ferry. They face each other across the wide bay. Visitors can reach Pointe de Bout Martinique by car or by ferry. The collection of small beaches is manmade and smaller in size, yet sees plenty of tourism throughout the year. Les Trois Islet is not only home to Pointe de Bout, but also home to a number of Martinique luxury hotels and resorts.

Local music, weekend markets, fashionable boutiques, al fresco cafes, and many restaurants serving up fine Creole fare are scattered around the Pointe de Bout beach area. If you are staying in Pointe de Bout, a trip to Fort de France is a must. The ample city history is presented through many historical monuments, colonial buildings, and museums. Dining is excellent with many budget and upscale restaurants to choose from. If you're staying in Pointe de Bout, travel back and forth and spend a few days exploring the beautiful bay area and lush tropical forests surrounding it.

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