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With a culture highlighted by many things French, and surrounded by scenery as beautiful as any paradise island, a Martinique beach resort is an ideal place to soak up all this French island has to offer. Martinique resorts, though not as plentiful as those on other Caribbean islands, can be found scattered along the coastline. White sand beaches are home to a few excellent Martinique luxury resorts. These top resorts, though few in number, provide impeccable services and offer accommodation along prime waterfront property. Most Martinique resorts will help to enrich your holiday, offering plenty of things to do to pass the time away in many different ways. From scuba diving and snorkeling gear to bicycles and other rentals, most Martinique hotels and resorts are very accommodating.

The most popular of all Martinique resorts, not to mention one of the finest, is the well-known Sofitel Bakoua Martinique beach resort. Of all the Martinique luxury resorts, the Sofitel is one of the only ones that was once a sweeping and gorgeous colonial mansion. Decorated and maintained in an East India Company design, Sofitel Bakoua features luxurious wooden furnishings, plenty of airy rattan, and many open-air areas to inspire true Caribbean ambience. Out front, the white sand beaches and ocean sit invitingly while the surrounding landscape brims with tropical flowers and shrubs. With stunning accommodations, an abundance of guest activities both at sea and on land, and gourmet cuisine at every meal, you'll be hard-pressed to leave the area for any reason!

The KaribÉa Amandieus Resort is another of the best Martinique resorts offering excellent value for the money. With two exciting bars, dual tennis courts, two restaurants serving a large variety of dishes, snorkeling equipment, and car rentals available, there are no amenities lacking. Situated on the southern coast near St Anne and many excellent beaches, including Les Salines, the KaribÉa sits on a white sand beach with a private cove providing breathtaking ocean scenery and Caribbean sunsets. Inviting and helpful staff complement the relaxing tropical mood exuding from Martinique beach resorts. All accommodations are found set amid beautiful tropical gardens and don't rise past three stories, creating a more intimate feel for guests. Guest units include kitchenettes and most have spacious balconies as well. With two baths and a shower, suites cater well to families. Though a two stars down from Martinique luxury resorts, this vacation retreat has a lot to offer guests.

Martinique all inclusive resorts afford a certain simplicity to vacations that other resorts do not. Currently there are only two Martinique all inclusive resorts available for visitors to choose from and both are great options. Club Trois Ilets is one of the smaller Martinique resorts located in Fort de France. With its exceptional location, all forms of transportation are available including bus, car rental, and bicycle. Set on a long, sandy beach the resort has eighty guest rooms all located in both single and two-story buildings. Both a restaurant, pool, and large deck are all set right off the beach so no matter if you're swimming or dining you'll have a great view. More dining and plenty of shopping are within walking distance and entertainment kicks off each evening. Things to do include beach volleyball, tennis, water sports, kayaking, boating, snorkeling, and much more.

Set between St Lucia in the south and Dominica in the north, Martinique is the biggest of all the Windward Islands. Though even a few years ago, Martinique all inclusive resorts had more options, these days there is more variety for travelers than ever before. Whether a small Martinique beach resort suits your preferences or large, luxurious resorts are more your style, the island offers plenty to choose from. Lush, green, and mountainous with many wonderful beaches, events and plenty of history, no matter where you stay the island's charm is sure to strike.

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