Things to do in Martinique

In Martinique sights and sounds of the island have long been attracting tourists from all over the world. From the mountainous northern region down to the stunning south coast and in between, Martinique tourism thrives as thousands of visitors arrive each year. Historic plantations, history museums, scenic natural areas, and bustling towns and cities all add to the island adventure that awaits. Martinique attractions are varied and captivating, offering a look into unique French Creole past. Aside from finding plenty of great shopping and dining all over the island, Martinique attractions range from relaxing walks and strolls along stunning beaches to more stimulating activities like diving and attending cultural events and celebrations.

Place de la Savane

In the heart of Fort de France there are many things to do in Martinique. Encompassing almost thirteen acres and featuring beautiful blooms, swaying palms, decorated pathways and a collection of well-placed park benches, La Savane is an ideal place for a relaxing stroll in the core of the city, especially if you're ready to give up the upbeat pace of city life and take it down a notch or two. A colorful craft market offers many wonderful souvenirs while historical statues exemplify much of the older history of Martinique.

Diamond Rock

In the southwest part of Martinique sights include Diamond Rock, located between St Anne and Les Anse D'Alets. Situated a quarter of a mile from the mainland, Diamond Rock or Le Diamant as it's known locally, is a haven for diving and one of the most popular areas for Martinique tourism. The British occupied the rock in the nineteenth century, certifying it as an actual ship called the HMS Diamond Rock. Underneath the water a rainbow of coral and sponges can be seen as well as crags and fissures in the rock and vibrant sea life living off the outer rock layers.

Clement House

The large collection of plantation houses and historic estates around the island are particularly appealing to those who admire unique architecture and abundant history, Clement House, or Habitation Clement, is only one of the many Martinique sights offering a photo gallery of prominent musicians, politicians, and artists that were past guests, shaded walks around the property and a rum factory right on the grounds where samples are poured freely.


Visiting the many beautiful beaches around the island is one of the top things to do in Martinique, much like many other Caribbean islands. Top beaches like Les Salines in the south and Pointe de Bout on the west coast offer sandy expanses, warm clear water, and many water sports for those who want to skip sunbathing and head straight to the waves.


Martinique attractions definitely include the many events that take place throughout the year. From famous Carnival to the Martinique Jazz Festival to boat races and music festivals, there's literally something happening in every month of the year. Be sure to check the calender of events before a visit to secure accommodation and avoid disappointment.

Mount Pelee

Martinique tourism is heavy around the famous site of the eruption of 1902 at Mount Pelee. Literally wiping out the town and residents of St Pierre in minutes, the famous natural disaster has left remnants of the old town of St Pierre well below it while the new town of St Pierre grows and thrives around the ruins. Head to the top of the mountain for scenic views and tour the ruins for a good look into a paramount era in the island's past.

Boulevard Allegre

If nightlife is what you're after during Caribbean holidays don't miss Boulevard Allegre, Fort de France prime nighttime area. The hip and trendy city area offers up fun and excitement, especially when the sun sets and the night owls come out to play. Many dance clubs and dynamic bars are found throughout the area, many which offer terrific views of the Riviere Madame. Things to do in Martinique here include dining, bar-hopping, sightseeing, and people-watching.

Caravelle Peninsula

On the less frequented, east side of Martinique attractions include the Caravelle Peninsula, a stunning natural area located in La Trinite. Home to the Caravelle Nature Reserve, Caravel Beach and enchanting Chateau Dabeoc, some of the most electrifying vistas are found here. Pristine gray and white sand beaches can be reached from the network of hiking trails that take visitors along a route past the twelfth century Chateau's ruins.

Rum Distilleries Tours

Known for a degree of excellence in island rum, distillery tours are as popular as the beaches and shopping in Martinique. The rum industry relies heavily on both Martinique tourism as well as export of the world-class liquor. Rum distillery tours are available to the public where the end is normally marked by a satisfying and complimentary rum tasting. Famous island distilleries include St-James, Million Distilleries Plantation, and Trois Rivières.

Route de la Trace

In the northeast of Martinique sights include the ever-captivating Route de la Trace, a trail that makes its way through dense, tropical rainforest taking hikers over the verdant mountains into the northern interior. Trailblazers encounter stunning canopies of tall tree ferns, dazzling tropical blooms, and large patches of bamboo forest. Along the route other attractions include beautiful Balata Botanical Gardens and the Roman-Byzantine church of Balata.

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