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Visitors to the beautiful Caribbean island of Martinique have a great variety of Martinique transportation options to choose from. The island is home to a very well-built road system and although this does mean some increased traffic during peak times, a Martinique car rental is still a great choice for exploring the different island areas. Points of interest lie from north to south and in between. The east coast is the least traveled while the west coast is home to Fort de France, the main city on the island. From Fort de France the island wraps around to the south with beaches dotting the coastline right around to St Anne and beyond.

In Martinique car rental companies can be found throughout the area and, as long as you book in advance, you'll be sure to find something suitable for you and your family or travel mates. The island is large and having your own rental car ensures that you'll be able to see the maximum number of sights possible during your vacation. Major Martinique car rental companies include a number of well-known, world-wide operators. Car rentals can also easily be arranged through many Martinique hotels for ease and convenience. If you do rent a car, be sure that the company will be open if your flight is landing later on in the evening or at night. On the island, vehicles drive on the right hand side of the road. If you're planning on a securing a Martinique car rental for twenty days or more, you'll need an international driver's license.

The Martinique ferry system is also reliable and affordable mode of transportation to use. Locally ferries are called vedettes and are commonly used between certain areas. Fort de France enjoys regular Martinique ferry service to Pointe de Bout which is directly across the bay. The ferry runs from the early hours of the morning until midnight. Ferries also operate between Fort de France and Anse-a-l'Ane, Anse Mitan, and Grande Anse d"Arlet, but only until late afternoon. The Quai d"Esnambuc in Fort de France, located inside the main bay, is where the departure and arrival point is for all Martinique ferry services running between the four areas.

Aside from Martinique transportation by ferry, the Martinique bus system is very affordable but can be somewhat irregular. It's commonly used in and around Fort de France. One of the most popular routes runs to St Pierre and takes under an hour. Public buses hold almost fifty passengers and are the cheapest travel alternatives. If you're planning on traveling between different Martinique resorts and areas outside of the main city, then you'll use the TCs, or taxi collectifs. They are shared taxis with fixed routes. The most convenient aspect of a taxi collectif is you can be picked up or dropped off anywhere along the way, not just designated stops or time schedules. In Martinique transportation via this taxi-type service is the most popular. There are around 500 of these throughout Martinique with each minivan carrying roughly eight people. Originating from the Pointe Simon terminal in Fort de France, the TCs make trips to all of the major cities and towns in Martinique. This specific Martinique bus service offers trips from early morning until roughly 6 p.m.

If you're planning to travel around the island, but are not renting a car in Martinique transportation will be relegated to either the taxi collectifs or regular taxi service. Regular taxis can be hired throughout Fort de France, at the airport, and at all major hotels. The most common types of taxis are comfortable and spacious Mercedes Benz. For an idea on costs, a trip from Fort de France to the airport will cost roughly fifteen to twenty Euros and is approximately a ten minute ride. Whether you're using the Martinique bus system or choose to rent your own car, you'll enjoy access to many excellent attractions around the island. A wide variety of shopping and dining choices become very accessible and the many options in things to do open right up.

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