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Caribbean villas have long been the standard for many travelers. With rates often equivalent and less than those of nightly hotel rates, the privacy and space offered in Martinique villas can make them an ideal choice for visitors. If car rental transportation is secured along with a villa, a self-sufficient holiday is definitely in the works. There are many Martinique villa rentals available around the island. From luxury villas in Martinique to seaside cottages and holiday beach rentals, a private accommodation can be the perfect way to enjoy an island vacation.

Caribbean villas run the gamut in style and rates, and depending upon specifications it can be very easy or quite difficult to find exactly what you need and want. Though Martinique villas aren't found in such abundance as on other tropical islands, there is still a fairly good selection of rentals to choose from. There are many factors to consider when considering a villa rental. First, transportation is an important factor. Will you have your own car rental or will you have to rely on public transportation such as taxis and buses? Will you be in a well-populated area where dining and shopping is easily accessible or will you have to plan for meals at your own villa? Are you near any beaches or are you happy with just a pool? These are all good questions to answer before renting villas in Martinique.

Martinique villa rentals can be found in areas such as Fort de France, Les Trois Islet, southern St Anne, Diamant, and many other locations. If your preference is to stay around the active capital of Fort de France, you'll be paying slightly more for a villa, but will have much more access to popular things to do as well as many tourist amenities. Often you can just skip the car rental and use public transport or walk to most places you'd like to visit. Nightlife is also much more accessible in the busier hubs and helps to spice up the evenings. For a break in rates, and if you don't mind a longer trip into Fort de France, try other west coast areas for Martinique villa rentals outside of Fort de France such as Schoechler, Le Carbet, and Case Pilote.

Travelers who enjoy the great outdoors tend to secure Martinique villas rentals closer to the northwestern coast. The area is home to a nature reserve and is near the growing town of St Pierre, the old ruins of the old St Pierre and Mount Pelee, the largest attraction on the island. The coastline offers many scenic walks and the interior of the north part of the island is brimming with natural flora and fauna native to the island. With villas in Martinique closer to the north, the shorter drive down along the west coast winds through the busier capital of Fort de France and the popular beach, Pointe de Bout, where there are plenty of things to do. This means close access to many attractions yet a quieter location to stay in day to day.

Martinique villas along the southern coast also offer many advantages, the biggest one being the many beaches and diving sites, like Diamond Rock, available for those who can't stay away from the ocean. There are also numerous small towns and villages along the south coast of Martinique that make exploring extremely fun. Small shops and markets, wonderful restaurants and plenty of history exude from these off the beaten path locations. St Anne and famous Les Salines Beach are the most noteworthy stops for many tourists visiting the south coast. Historical museums, a provincial park and resorts and a few botanical gardens offer even more to see and do when staying in the south.

Though the east coast is full of natural beauty, renting Caribbean villas in the area isn't as popular as the south and west coast and even close to the north. The east coast is home to many of the islanders as is much of the interior island. Without the east coast there is still a slew of choices for Martinique villas to rent. The best way to get what you're looking for is to plan well in advance as good deals go quickly. With your very own private villa your vacation will become even more convenient, possibly even more affordable, and extremely memorable.

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