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With vibrant green and lush vegetation, thousands of bright, beautiful blooms, and soft white sand beaches flanking the coastline, fantastic scenic views are impossible to miss on Martinique! From the beauty of nature to small, charming towns to modern and sophisticated city enclaves, Martinique tourist attractions are found all around the island. Often called the Island of Flowers, Martinique is quite mountainous, offering much for outdoor enthusiasts and avid photographers. During a Martinique trip, traveler's enjoy one of the most special islands in all the French Caribbean. Featuring myriad caves and coves, five stunning bays, and plenty of long, white sand beaches, travel to Martinique remains popular in part because it really is a unique tropical paradise brimming with amazing views from north to south.

Martinique is a small slice of the proverbial French pie, one that many say is the sweetest of them all. The best time to travel to Martinique is between February and May when the weather is dry and cool. This time of year is also peak season, when crowds are larger and prices are often higher. This rings true for most Caribbean destinations. The best time to visit is always when the flocks of visitors arrive! Martinique vacations, like most island vacations, are taken by plenty of North American visitors, as well as others from countries with colder winter climates trying to escape the deep freeze and thaw out for a week or two.

When traveling around the island and exploring the many Martinique tourist attractions, one of the most noticeable aspects is that most native people are concentrated in Fort de France. This allows a Martinique trip through smaller towns and villages an excellent way to experience the island without hoards of people everywhere. Using rental car transportation to discover the more isolated regions of Martinique is a great choice offering the freedom to stop where and when you desire. It takes the edge off dealing with the crowds in high season when the weather definitely is the most favorable.

Martinique's warm climate, with temperatures averaging 80 degree Fahrenheit is yet another reason Martinique vacations are notable. The island, like many other Caribbean islands, isn't well known for tropical storms or a lot of inclement weather, which is always a concern for travelers trying to get the most out of their holidays. In the more mountainous northern areas, temperatures tend to be much cooler, chilled by alizé, a French term meaning wind. Don't let stories of the rains deter your travel to Martinique either. Rain comes frequently to the island, but does not last long.

The rainy season is considered to be between August and November marking the most rainy weather the island receives. If you don't mind a few showers during your Martinique trip, traveling in the rainy season has many advantages such as much less traffic and significantly lower prices for many tourist amenities like tours, Martinique hotels, dining, admission to Martinique tourist attractions, and much more. If you're on a modest budget, low season is the best time visit. Another less expensive time to visit is between April and September when temperatures soar. Martinique luxury hotels can be found for a bargain, Fort de France is much more manageable place to visit during the low season as well. You'll often find you're only one of a much smaller group of tourists at the many Martinique tourist attractions around the island.

In Martinique vacations are memorable because of the medley of exciting things to do throughout the year. Relaxing on beautiful beaches, visiting vibrant markets, learning about the island's colorful history, and enjoying peaceful tropical walks are all on the roster. From famous Mount Pelee and the ruins of St Pierre in the north to the most popular sun-soaked beaches in the south such as Les Salines, getting around the island offers the chance to soak up the wonderful French Caribbean atmosphere while unearthing everything that makes Martinique such an exceptional, striking, and distinct island.

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