National Park Trust

The BVI National Park Trust currently manages 17 National Parks in the Caribbean. Established in the early 1960s by the British Virgin Islands government to preserve the natural beauty and history of this fragile territory. The National Park Trust oversees a number of projects involving the protection of the coral reefs in the area, along with unique projects designed to help the delicate wildlife in these National parks in the Caribbean. Bird conservation has already restored the indigenous flamingos to the islands. The original species had been hunted to extinction in the area, but they have since been reintroduced into the wild and their numbers are reached almost 50 off the shores of Anegada island. The Trust has now set its sights on rehabilitating the decreasing iguana population also found on the island.

The main Virgin Island national parks in the Caribbean managed by the National Park Trust are found on the British Virgin Islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda. The Sage Mountain park on Tortola is one of the most frequented parks, and it has the highest point of elevation of any of the Virgin Islands. The more well known National parks in the Caribbean are on Virgin Gorda. The Baths National park is visited by nearly half of all travelers that step onto Virgin Gorda. It is probably the most popular daytime charter boat anchorage in the BVI and provides good snorkeling among its gigantic granite boulders. Some even reach 40 feet tall and their origins are shrouded in mystery. The vibrant Marine life that is found beneath Spring Bay National Park is another of the island"s finest tourists attractions.

The British are not the only ones with a National Park Trust. The Americans have one also, created to preserve parks all across America. The Virgin Island National Park falls under their hand, taking up a huge portion of St. John with it. Combining serene forests with the beaches the island is famous for, there are over 20 trails that criss cross St. John, some of them leading from high in the mountains directly into one of the north shore beaches. Inside the Virgin Island National Park you will find the Catherineburg Ruins, Peace Hill, Hawknest beach, Bordeaux mountain and tee Annaberg plantation. The forests are usually dry and the park rangers who act as your guide are more than happy to show you around.



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