Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Aguadilla Puerto Rico is known for its high peaks, scenic beaches and excellent surfing. Deriving from the old Indian word for garden, guadilla, the city is also home to the famed Crashboat Beach, lined with colorful boats and excellent seafood restaurants. A couple hours outside of San Juan, if you want to bypass the capital completely, there a few direct flights from the states to the Aguadilla airport. Once a tiny fishing village, Aguadilla has quickly grown into a tourist favorite and one of the surfing capitals of the world, even playing the occasional home to the World Surfing championships on the shores nearby.

Like Rincon to the south, Aguadilla Puerto Rico is well known for its intense watersports. In fact, the two cities have much in common, including a close proximity to the same great beaches, like Crashboat Beach and Punta Borinquen. Surfing is what brings many Aguadilla vacationers to its shores, while the continental shelf that surrounds Puerto Rico creates treasured coral reefs nearby, perfect for divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. You don't have to be an expert surfer to enjoy Aguadilla travel adventures, but it helps - this is hardly the area to learn the sport, as the rough waters make for a steep learning curve. And when you need a break from the water, there are great golf courses all around Aguadilla - the Punta Borinquen is the most popular.

Another staple of Aguadilla vacations is the Las Cascadas Water Park, the largest theme park in all of the Caribbean. You will also find the region's only ice skating complex here - it can certainly be a nice break from the ubiquitous Caribbean sun. And outdoor activities around Aguadilla Puerto Rico are not confined to just the beaches - the city is near a great deal of excellent hikes, boasting exquisite views of the Caribbean Sea from some of the island's highest elevations.

Other reasons for Aguadilla travel include monuments like the Punta Borinquen Lighthouse, built in 1889, and the town square containing the city's original Catholic church. There is also the famed "water eye," an ancient underground fresh water source that was once the focal point of the entire settlement here.

Aguadilla Puerto Rico is also the home of traditional bobbin lace making, or mundillo - and fine examples of the art can be found in the public markets on the weekends. Side trips to the nearby cities of Moca and Isabella can add a little more diversity into your Aguadilla vacations. So whether you have come for the waves, the extensive water park, or just a great day at the beach, Aguadilla is a great addition to any Puerto Rican itinerary.

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Puerto Rico Beaches

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