Aguadilla Hotels

After Rincon, Aguadilla is the largest tourist area in on the west side of the island. Featuring scenic ocean views and more of the famed surfing that the region is known for, you'll want to stay in Aguadilla as long as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of Aguadilla accommodations just waiting to house your upcoming island getaway. Aguadilla hotels are not just huge with surfers, but with golfers too, thanks to the Borinquen and Ramey Golf Clubs being just short drives away.

One of the most popular Aguadilla hotels is the Ramey Homes, located on Golf Road, so you know who it caters to. Besides the Borinquen, you'll find the romantic paths of Christopher Columbus Park, and the giant Las Cascadas Aquatic Theme Park. Ride the giant waterslides, and then head back to these fine Aguadilla accommodations for a quick shower before heading out to a dinner filled with wine and seafood.

The Hacienda El Pedregal is one of the best values of the Aguadilla hotels. Take in a majestic Caribbean sunset as you look out from the balcony, attached to elegant, low maintenance rooms that are perfect for both budget travelers and family outings.

Another cheap hotel in Aguadilla is Cielo Mar. Also featuring wonderful panoramic views of the ocean, this is another popular stopping point for visitors looking for a good value, for visitors who are not in the market for luxurious hotels or all-inclusive resorts. Just a few minutes drive from Crashboat Beach, Cielo Mar is a great example of Aguadilla accommodations.

The Parador El Faro might not blow you away with its rooms, which are simple and unassuming, but it might with its excellent location. This hotel in Aguadilla makes you feel right at home in the tropical air. Well received by families from all over the world, the price includes a tasty breakfast buffet and the restaurant is one of the nicest you'll find in the area.

The La Cima Hotel is the premier hotel in Aguadilla. Not to far from Jobos Beach, the La Cima is well known for good food, a good bar and the most helpful staff in the city. It's variety of restaurants tackles Mexican and Chinese fare with equal aplomb and the hotel is the most intimate one you'll find in Aguadilla.

All these hotels include the amenities you'd expect - cable TV, pools, a Jacuzzi or two - and come at a cheaper price than those you'll find in other major tourist areas. So whether you're headed to Crashboat Beach or just want a break from the rest of the world, Aguadilla hotels can help make your Caribbean vacation a resounding success.



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