Bio Bay Tours

Bio Bay tours are something that every Puerto Rico visitor should consider adding to their vacation itinerary. These tours allow for a rather magical experience. When the bioluminescent creatures that call Bio Bay home are disturbed, they emit neon blue flashes of light, and since there are millions upon millions of these creatures in the water, the phenomenon is quite spectacular to witness.

In order to appreciate the luminescence of Bio Bay Puerto Rico you must make your visit during the nighttime hours. The best nights are those when the moon isn’t shining and the cloud cover is heavy. Many of the Bio Bay tours see guests taking to the waters in a kayak, and there are also some that allow their guests to actually swim in the luminescent waters. In other words, it can be a good idea to wear a bathing suit, as chances are good that you will get wet at some point.

If you’re not up for kayaking, there are Bio Bay tours that take their guests out in boats. Pontoon boats or catamarans are often used for this. Bilingual guides are usually provided regardless of the tour in question, and they are there to explain the wonder of it all. Among other things, you can expect to learn about the creatures that are responsible for the luminescence, as well as the other animals that call the bay home. Insight into the resident plant life is something that is also provided on most of the guided tours.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to Bio Bay tours. For starters, Fajardo is a good place to arrange these tours if you are on the Puerto Rico mainland. You can also wait until you get out to the island of Vieques to arrange your tour. Either way, guests are asked not to enter the water if they have applied an insect repellent that contains deet, as this chemical is harmful to the bioluminescent creatures. Also, by no means should anyone throw trash or other objects into the water while enjoying a Bio Bay tour, as this can also negatively affect the resident creatures. Finally, Bio Bay tours are ideal things to do in Puerto Rico for kids and adults alike, and rare is the person who doesn’t come away from the amazing experience with a feeling of great fulfillment.

Image: / Frank Llosa
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