Crashboat Beach

For a place called Crashboat Beach, there is certainly a lot of sailing going on. In fact, that's what the beach is best known for, that and the long string of brightly colored boats peppering the shore. Like gigantic pieces of candy, all perfectly wrapped and waiting to head out to fish. This Puerto Rico beach is certainly one of its most popular, and whether you want to fish, snorkel, or just sunbathe in a majestic setting, you'll find it all at Crashboat Beach.

Located on the northwestern shore of the island near the city of Aguadilla, Crashboat Beach originally got its name, like so many sights on the island, due to its former military usage. When the air force base was in operation, this was where the rescue boats sat and waited to be called into action. Nowadays, there's far less urgency - and a lot more picnic huts. The golden sand stretches as far as the eye can see, and the water is crystal clear - if you have any desire to snorkel or swim, this is definitely the Puerto Rico beach to start at.

The wealth of fishermen milling around the beach can only mean one thing: some of the freshest seafood you'll come across. Cut and grilled right in front of you (if that's the sort of thing you enjoy), it may just look like a regular food stand, but rest assured it is nothing of the sort: fish may never taste the same to you again. Not to mention that the beer is cold and cheap, too.

Just one mile off Route 107 from Aguadilla, Crashboat Beach is easy to find and even easier to enjoy. But even though it's not too far from major urban areas, the access road can get pretty bumpy, so watch out for that. Luckily, it doesn't last too long, and will weed out some of the crowds. There are huts and showers everywhere, ample parking and pretty much any other comfort you'd expect. Even in the prime tourist months, Crashboat Beach is never overly crowded - as the boats lay waiting on the sand to head into tropical breezes, you can relax pretty much anywhere you want on this Puerto Rico beach.

If you are staying in Aguadilla, Crashboat Beach should definitely be on your list of places to go. Out of the way and infused with plenty of local ambiance, this Puerto Rico beach is one of the island's finest, and especially good near mealtime.

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