Culebra Ferry

The Culebra Ferry provides a convenient and cost-effective way to get to Puerto Rico’s Isla Culebra. Of course, you could always save some time by flying, though the cost is much more significant. As for the other option, anyone trying to get from mainland Puerto Rico to Isla Culebra can take a private boat should they have access to such a craft.

Those who are trying to get from mainland Puerto Rico to the tranquil island of Culebra by way of ferry should know that the ferries depart from Fajardo. Only some eighteen miles separates Fajardo from Culebra, though the ferry trip takes about an hour. Ferries are offered on a daily basis by the Puerto Rico Port Authority, and the costs are more than reasonable. Children ages three to twelve get a 50 percent discount, while kids ages two and under ride for free. Once on the island of Culebra, visitors can rent a car to get around, or they can rely on public transportation or bicycles. Public transportation comes in the form of taxis and private cars, and the drivers often end up taking their guests to famous Flamenco Beach.

Several ferries make daily trips between Fajardo and Culebra. Anyone wishing to hop aboard one of these ferries can try to make reservations in advance if they please. Those who prefer waiting are still encouraged to purchase their Culebra ferry tickets at least one hour in advance, as only so many tickets are made available for each voyage. Holidays and the peak summer season is when tickets are more prone to sell out, and to avoid waiting in line for the return trip, it is recommended that travelers purchase round-trip tickets in Fajardo.

It is possible to board a Culebra ferry with various items, such as coolers and beach chairs. However, you can be charged extra if you have too much stuff, so that is something to keep in mind. As for bringing a vehicle over, that is something that only locals usually end up doing, and there are special cargo ferries for that. Bikes, as is the case with vehicles, are only allowed on the cargo ferries. Also, anyone wishing to ride on one of the cargo ferries must make their reservation in advance.

Image: Liz Saldaña (flickr)
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