Culebra Island Hotels

If you want a secluded island paradise, you've chosen the right Caribbean Island. Even Culebra's main city, Dewey, shuts down around nightfall - after that you'll feel like you have the whole island to yourself. Puerto Rico villas are the most popular way to go when visiting here (like the Harbour View Villas right off Melones Beach), but many hotels in Culebra Puerto Rico are just as good, perhaps not featuring all the same luxuries, but everything comes at a fraction of the price. Most Culebra Island hotels stress functionality over extravagance, so don't think you are going to be pampered and doted upon, there are not a lot of Culebra resorts - that's the realm of the Puerto Rico resorts you'll find near San Juan and Rincon. Hotels in Culebra Puerto Rico are perfect for taking a shower, finding a place to sleep with a great view, allowing you to explore the island at your leisure.

The Tamarindo Estates are near the island's best beach and are one of the premier Culebra resorts. Tucked away into the hills overlooking the Caribbean, the place is well known for its secluded location and often books up fast, so make sure to book in advance. If you want a cheaper alternative, Culebra Island hotels don't come at a better value than the Posada la Hamaca. Though fairly utilitarian inside, it gives you a good base for exploring Dewey and the island's best known stretch of sand, Flamenco Beach.

If you want a relaxed atmosphere (and who doesn't, traveling to the Caribbean), you'd be hard pressed to find better than the Club Seabourne. Though not located on a beach, the hotel is surrounded by carefully manicured tropical vegetation and nearby all the island's main beaches. Mamacita's Guest House is another of the Culebra Island hotels that don't waste their time with opulence - it overlooks a canal and is home to the best nightclub on the island, otherwise don't expect miracles here. What you will find is a perfect escape from the rest of the world, and excellent snorkeling nearby.

The Hotel Kokomo might just be the first thing you see on the island after departing the ferry. All done up in friendly shades of yellow, this is one of the best hotels in Culebra Puerto Rico if you plan to center your vacation on the areas surrounding Playa Flamenco. And why not? It's the island's most famous beach for plenty of reasons.

Culebra Island is famed as a getaway because of its secluded nature, so there are not as many hotels as most of the major Puerto Rico vacation spots. You won't find any massive hotels like those on Isla Verde, or even very many resorts like in Vieques - but what you will find are a number of quaint, family-run ventures that make up for in quality what they lack in size.

Culebra Island

Culebra Island

Seven miles long and three miles wide, Culebra Island is a small but sce...

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