Culebra Villas

Culebra villas are available for those who are looking to stay overnight on wonderful Culebra Island. Much of the allure that is related to these villas is the fact that they offer a home away from home experience that is hard to match when staying in a hotel room. For starters, Culebra villa guests can expect to have a full kitchen at their disposal, and the added space and privacy are just two more perks.

Between the guesthouses and the small hotels that can be found on Puerto Rico’s Culebra Island, there are only some 350 available rooms. These rooms can fill up fast, so prospective visitors sometimes have trouble finding a place to stay. That’s partly where the Culebra villas come in. Even if hotel rooms are available, Culebra Island visitors might choose to pass on them in favor of a villa stay instead. Generally speaking, the villas that are found on the island offer more space and comfort than your average hotel room, and it’s worth noting that there are options to fit a healthy array of budgets.

Some of the Culebra villas are quite impressive. The best of the best feature such things as a private pool, satellite TV, a DVD player, a CD player/stereo, a grill for barbecuing, and beach equipment for guests to take advantage of when they are visiting Flamenco Beach or one of the island’s other wonderful strips of sand. If you want or need internet access, there are Culebra villas that provide that as well. In other words, if you rent a villa property on Culebra Island, you won’t be roughing it.



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