Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach is considered by many beach experts to be one of the world’s finest strips of sand. It certainly figures among the very best beaches in Puerto Rico and is largely responsible for attracting people to Culebra Island.

Puerto Rico’s Flamenco Beach extends for a mile and can be found along a horseshoe-shaped cove on Isla Culebra’s northwest coast. A very popular beach, it visitors entices with its bright white sands and its turquoise-blue waters. Only adding to the allure are the green hills that serve as a backdrop, and as far as activities are concerned, the oft-calm waters are usually ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Part of a Marine Wildlife Reserve that is overseen by the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, Flamenco Beach is well protected. You won’t see sprawling resorts rising up from its sands. In fact, the manmade facilities are basically limited to bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers. The beach itself is open from 6 am to 6 pm, and the showers are typically available in the afternoon. For those who don’t want to stray too far from Flamenco Beach after this divine stretch of sand closes, it is possible to camp there for a fee. Once campers get their permits, they are assigned to a specific area where they can set up their tent(s).

Should you wish to bask in the glory of Flamenco Beach, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting there or arranging the other particulars of your visit. Taxis and private cars transport people from the Isla Culebra ferry dock to this idyllic strip of sand. A dive shop that is across from the ferry dock rents out snorkeling and diving gear, and it is also possible to arrange guided snorkeling and diving tours at this dive shop. Once at Flamenco Beach, visitors can purchase food and drinks in the parking lot. Those bringing their own food and drinks can expect to have their coolers inspected. Glass isn’t allowed on Flamenco Beach, and this is what the beach authorities search for.

As a side note, visitors to Flamenco Beach might also interest themselves in Playa Carlos Rosario. This nearby beach is just over a hill and can be reached by foot. While not as spectacular as Flamenco Beach, Playa Carlos Rosario is arguably better for snorkeling, so it is worth keeping in mind.

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