Puerto Rico Flights

Getting flights to Puerto Rico is no more difficult than flying anywhere in the continental U.S. In fact, that's one of the main reasons it's one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean - another being that there are more cheap flights to Puerto Rico than any other island, even Jamaica.

Flights to Puerto Rico usually go through San Juan's international airport. It's the Caribbean hub of a number of different airline companies, such as Continental, Delta and American Airlines. American has the largest amount of cities offering direct flights, such as Boston, Chicago and L.A., while New York City has a number of different airlines that will connect you to San Juan. Since it's one of the least expensive islands in a region that is notoriously unfriendly to travel budgets, cheap flights to Puerto Rico are well worth a look if you are heading to the Caribbean. It's also one of the furthest north of the major islands, so travel times are significantly shorter than if you were headed to, say, Barbados or Aruba.

Speaking of which, an airline ticket to Puerto Rico also allows you to reach a good center for island hopping around the Caribbean. Major island airlines like American Eagle or Cape Air will connect you to St. Thomas, St. Croix, the Dominican Republic and nearly every other island to Puerto Rico's south and east. If you are planning a long trip down the lesser Antilles islands, San Juan is a great place to begin, and there are a number of different passes you can get you discount rates an island-hopping flights. You can also find cheap flights to other Puerto Rican islands like Culebra and Vieques from San Juan - they are less than half and hour long and can significantly cut into travel times if you are not planning on a lengthy stay in Puerto Rico.

Cheap flights to Puerto Rico are widely available both online and with travel agents, and will rarely run you more than $500 if you are flying from the continental United States. If you are traveling from Europe or anywhere else, however, an airline ticket to Puerto Rico is probably not going to save you much more than if you flew into another of the Caribbean islands. For instance, several European countries have special deals connecting them to their former colonies in the Sea (for instance, from London to Barbados or the Netherlands to Curacao). Prices go up slightly around Carnivale, the holiday season, and you're likely to see a general bump up in cost near the outset of winter (north of the equator), but it is nothing drastic. If airline prices are a real concern, though, make sure to head to Puerto Rico in the summer - the island's climate is hardly different, no matter what time of year. Whatever time you choose to go, an airline ticket to Puerto Rico promises a relaxing and enriching vacation that you will never forget.

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