Luquillo Beach

Luquillo Beach is the most popular public beach that can be found on the island of Puerto Rico. Also worth highlighting right from the start is the fact that many consider this to be one of the finest beaches in Puerto Rico. Palms dot the sand, lending to the overall beauty, and as far as activities are concerned, the oft-calm waters are usually ideal for such things as swimming, snorkeling, and skin diving.

Crescent-shaped Luquillo Beach is found approximately 30 miles east of San Juan on Puerto Rico’s northeast coast. This proximity to the capital helps to explain the beach’s popularity. Other reasons for the popularity of Luquillo Beach are its numerous facilities and activity options. As far as the facilities are concerned, they include picnic tables, food stands, showers, and lockers. In relation to activities, visitors can look to do some body surfing or regular surfing when the waves are up. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, other activities include swimming, snorkeling, or skin diving. It should be noted that those who wish to snorkel or skin dive can find living reefs not far offshore.

Numerous vacation rentals and hotels call the Luquillo Beach area home. The hotels include some pretty spectacular Puerto Rico resorts with golf courses. For those who prefer to camp at this family-friendly beach, that is possible as long as one of the tent sites are available. Also of interest when visiting the area is the fact that it makes for a great place to arrange adventures in the El Yunque rainforest. The entrance to this rainforest isn’t far from the beach.

Luquillo Beach gets especially crowded on the weekends. As such, those who don’t want to share the sand with too many other people should look to plan a weekday visit, or to check out one of the more remote Puerto Rican beaches, such as Secret Beach on Vieques, which is also home to the bioluminescent bay.

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