Paseo de la Princesa

Paseo de la Princesa skirts the curved walls of the old city, greeting tourists with shops, cafes and a delicate fountain along its shoreline path. One of the most pleasant San Juan attractions, the street is a nice way to take in the Caribbean sun on an afternoon stroll. Lined with flowers, statues, palm trees and all sorts of things you'd expect on a stylish little street, Paseo de La Princesa connects the port to the city gate.

From the path laid out by Paseo de la Princesa, Old San Juan shines. The promenade is home to a large number of cultural events, and a wealth of people enjoying the midday ritual of a glass of Piragua, a tasty mix of ice and tropical fruit syrups. You definitely won't be the only person drinking one.

Paseo de la Princesa Old San Juan offers views of nearby Isla de Cabras, an old Spanish prison, and the fountain that marks the street's end. The prison which lends the street its name, is now home to Puerto Rico's tourism headquarters. But the imposing fortress walls that line the street seem unchanged since the day they were constructed. Much like the nearby El Morro and the most popular San Juan attractions, this street is steeped in the city's colonial history, with its 1600s architecture fully preserved.

Another of the San Juan attractions found on Paseo de la Princesa is the Racies/Roots Fountain. Full of bronze statues celebrating the city's rich cultural heritage, it's often the stopping point for couples and/or partiers, (depending on the time of night). The terraced decks nearby are perfect to take in the ever-changing San Juan scene, and are often the site of musical performances throughout the week. Another attraction along the pathway is one of the original six gated passageways, known as the Puerta de San Juan - of the six, it's the only one remaining.

The Paseo de la Princesa has become such a staple of tourism in San Juan that the promenade has been further developed in the past ten years, offering wondrous looks of El Morro and panoramic views of the port, rocky cliffs and the rest of the city. But it's the original half of the pathway tracing the old city walls that brings in the majority of tourists. Of all the attractions in the Old San Juan, this is one of the most visited spots because what you see changes with the time of the day. Whether it's the sunset performances, sun-drenched views or midnight strolls that you are looking for, the Paseo de la Princesa is a great place to get acquainted with the city of San Juan.

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