Ponce Puerto Rico

With fig trees, delicate fountains, sidewalks bordered by pink marble, gardens around every corner, Ponce Puerto Rico is definitely a little different from the rest of the island. The second-largest city in Puerto Rico is like a step back into the nineteenth century, where horsedrawn carriages and rickety trolleys rumble through the city streets. Ponce vacations are where sweet tropical air mixes with a stylized view of the past Ponce retains a small town atmosphere despite its evergrowing population.

Everywhere you look, there's some colonial building vying for your attention. Covered with cathedrals and neoclassical houses, they blend seamlessly with the rest of the city, many structures which are also unbeatable examples of modern architecture. The cathedrals are usually the first to catch your eye. The Our Lady of Guadeloupe cathedral sprouts up amongst rows of woodenslat houses and wrought iron balconies. Mass is at 6 am, if you are an early riser, and is a great way to see the reverent side of Ponce Puerto Rico. Delving further into Ponce travel destinations will lead you to the Parque de Bombas. In 1882, the building was constructed for an expo, then converted into a firehouse, before being converted again into a museum celebrating the feats of the Ponce firemen.

Another trip into the past is offered at the Ponce History Museum. Ponce vacations are not complete without a little historical context, and there are plenty of things to see here, as the city has long been one of the island's cultural epicenters. If you are still on a museum kick, the Ponce Museum of Art is also here, and it's another shining example of wondrous architecture in the city. Designed by the same architect that did New York's Museum of Modern Art, the Ponce Museum of Art is no less spectacular (albeit, on a smaller scale), and features seven interconnected hexagons, curved staircases and striking glass cupolas. Contemporary Puerto Rican artists intermix with collections from the past, as both the Baroque and Renaissance era are well represented here.

Ponce travel usually involves a trip up Vigia Hill to the Castillo Serralles. This Spanish Revivial mansion was once the home of the Don Q rum distillery; now it has been reequipped with antiques and harks back to the days when sugar barons ran the island. Its scenic gardens are the real selling point here, where you'll find a 100-foot tall cross that, conveniently, has a glass elevator that goes to the top. Here you'll get one of the best views in the entire Caribbean. Along the same lines, you'll find the Hacienda Buena Vista, which is also a restored plantation, and one of Ponce's major travel destinations.

Ponce Puerto Rico is also lucky enough to have one of the most important archaeological sites in the Caribbean, burial grounds used from 300700 AD, along with plenty of other ruins dating back to the PreTaino period.

Though not outfitted with the same array of perfect beaches as many Puerto Rican cities, Ponce vacations have a lot to offer those looking for culture and history, so visitors seeking out this city on the southern shore will not be disappointed.

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