Puerto Rico Diving

The crystal blue waters of the Caribbean make it an ideal diving location, and Puerto Rico is no exception. Puerto Rico diving has long been one of the main tourist draws to the island, and once you get here, it's no mystery why. No matter which coast you are on, there are plenty of places to go diving in Puerto Rico.

A continental shelf surrounds Puerto Rico on three sides, creating miles of coral reefs, sea walls and darkened caves, perfect for exploring. Scuba diving in San Juan is like a national pastime. While it might not be the top dive spot on the island, it's by far the most popular. Since most Puerto Rican vacation revolve around the capital city, there is more dive shops here than anywhere else on the island. Brightly colored schools of fish and excellent visibility are what make scuba diving in San Juan so popular. And behind the Normandie Hotel, you'll find the top dive outfitter in Puerto Rico - Caribe Aquatic Adventures. Like most companies involved with scuba diving in San Juan, there are options as to where you can dive, and what certification you need. But San Juan companies will usually cover most of the northeastern corner of the island.

Diving in Puerto Rico is certainly not limited to San Juan, though. The top spots are spread across the island, but most are on the east and southern sides. The most coveted dive spots are not actually on the mainland, but are Vieques and Culebra islands. The small chain of islands that run between Culebra Island and Puerto Rico are also well known for their excellent diving locations. Further southeast on the mainland, you'll find Humacao, often considered the best of what Puerto Rico diving has to offer. A more undisturbed location means more creatures swimming below the surface, and Humacao is not the first place most visitors think of when heading to Puerto Rico. During the lean tourist months, it would be surprising if you found another dive boat even in the area. Other good spots in the area are around Playa Zoni on Culebra and the entire northern coast of Vieques. Less crowded (if not deserted) than the more popular sites of San Juan or Rincon, finding Vieques is like finding gold for the seasoned diver. Few places will compare.

The western coast is home to many of the other top locations for Puerto Rico diving. Here you'll find winning spots like Mona Island, with perfectly crafted reefs at 80 feet below. The surfer's paradise of Rincon is also a great spot for diving in Puerto Rico, and is probably the most popular spot outside of San Juan. Luckily a number of dive operators offer packages to spots all over the island, so it's hard to go wrong, no matter which site you pick.

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