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For access to both beaches and nightlife, you can't get much better than San Juan. Line after line of Puerto Rico hotels lead to the heart of the city. For spring breakers and those looking to sample the abundant bars and clubs in the downtown area, there are few places better. Many of these hotels are of the large-scale chain variety, offering visitors a chance to savor Puerto Rican life amongst the comforts of home. And while many of these are located nearby the wildly popular Isla Verde and Condado beaches, there are plenty of fine Puerto Rico hotels all over the country.

If a slower pace is your style, lodgings in Old San Juan might be for you. There, less emphasis is placed on amenities and more on personality, quirks and sensibility—the things that make a vacation worthwhile. You won't find many cheap hotels in Puerto Rico here, but stays at places such as the Gallery Inn, with its rich, bohemian vibe, or El Convento, a converted convent that appears unchanged since the its construction in the seventeenth century, are nothing short of remarkable.

Though not a resort mecca like some islands in the Caribbean, there are plenty of Puerto Rico resorts for those who prefer them. The north coast is particularly packed with them, many of them isolated and lovely. Head west from San Juan towards Dorado for a look at what resorts the country has to offer. Keep going until you hit the Caribbean sea, and you will have found the surfer's paradise of Rincon. You will also find of the highest concentrations of Puerto Rico resorts in the country. The Rincon Beach Resort and Rincon of the Seas are just two of the luxury offers in found on the island's northwest coast. Many cheap hotels in Puerto Rico can also be found here, too. Thus, the city is a hit with many different crowds.

Because, let's face it, one of the reason Puerto Rico is such a coveted vacation destination is the comparatively low prices you'll find there. Budget Caribbean travelers spend more time here than most anywhere else in the region, especially the southern coast. The cities of Ponce and Santa Isabel house many of the best cheap hotels in Puerto Rico, nice finds for those looking to avoid crowds without emptying their bank accounts. Cheap Puerto Rico hotels are also prevalent on the interior of the island, so if you can stand having to drive to the beach each day to enjoy the sun, these are good choices to cut costs also.

Another overlooked area of Puerto Rico is the small islands of Vieques and Culebra off the eastern coast. Underdeveloped and definitely off the beaten path, the luxury inns are sparse, but options like the Hacienda Tamarindo are some of Puerto Rico's best kept secrets.

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