Puerto Rico Spas

The Caribbean is all about relaxing, spoiling yourself. And there's always plenty of time to sunbathe and sip on tropical drinks - but if you really want luxury, take a trip to one of the many Puerto Rico spas. Each has a style all their own, and much depends on where it's located - luckily, there are Puerto Rico spa resorts in just about every major city on the island. So sit back and get the best from your Caribbean vacation with any number of great spa treatments offered in Puerto Rico.

Even if you are not a guest, you are still welcome in any of the Puerto Rico spa resorts. They are especially popular with those coming for a Caribbean wedding or honeymoon. The big day always comes with its share of nerves and challenges, and a trip to one of the day spas in Puerto Rico is always a good way to recharge, revitalize and a pleasant beginning to your new life together as man and wife.

Whether you want traditional spa treatments or exotic, Caribbean-influenced ones, there's plenty to be had in the Puerto Rico spas. The highest rated are, of course, located in the high class resorts like the Ritz Carlton near San Juan on Isla Verde, or the Martineau Bay Spa on Vieques. In fact, there are Puerto Rico spa resorts all up and down the beach near San Juan. And if you want to avoid a waiting list full of other tourists, there are plenty of day spas in Puerto Rico that are a little more out of the way, like the Zen Spa off Condado Beach in San Juan.

But the most famous Puerto Rico spas are closer to the island's northeastern corner. The Paradisus Puerto Rico Sol Melia All-Inclusive Resort has an amazing spa perfect for those staying on the hotel grounds, featuring water treatments and a variety of massage options. The "Water Ritual" is the best in hydrotherapy, and the nearby tropical forest of El Yunque provides plenty of natural ingredients that are introduced into spa treatments with amazing results. The Westin Rio Del Mar has a number of different tropical treatment types, including the signature Mandara massage, an enticing blend of Japanese Shiatsu, Thai, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Swedish, and Balinese massage styles. Not all the day spas in Puerto Rico include Mandara, so consider yourself lucky if you're staying at the Westin.

The ultimate in Puerto Rico spa resorts is the Wyndham El Conquistador Resort and Golden Spa. A resort that is so exclusive it's actually on a separate island off the coast, the Golden Spa is widely regarded as the finest Puerto Rico has to offer. Beneath Moorish-style decorations, the spa is most famous for its botanically driven spa treatments. Here you'll be greeted with a wealth of options, and it's impossible to leave disappointed.

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