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Most Puerto Rico tours revolve around the island's numerous natural attractions. From the caves of Rio Camuy caves south of Arecibo to the El Yunque rain forest on the eastern end of the island, many of these Puerto Rico tourist sites offer tours of the grounds.

The one urban setting where you'll encounter plenty of options for Puerto Rico tours is in Old San Juan. Exploring the mysteries of the colonial architecture, the history of the old city comes alive if you get the right tour. While they are not necessary to enjoy the rich sights of Old San Juan, you will learn far more about the dramatic history of the area if you latch onto a tour. Luckily, the tourist information center is located here, right on Paseo la Princesa. You can also grab one of the free trolley tours of Old San Juan, covering two different routes connecting all the important sights, from El Morro to the city gates. They are operational seven days a week and are a unique way to see the heart of the city.

The caves of Rio Camuy are one of the largest cave systems in the world, and there's no way you're going to see the optimal sights without getting a spot on one of Puerto Rico tours that careen through the vast underground maze here. One of the most visited Puerto Rico sites, you can strap on your helmet lamps and harnesses and repel towards the rocky floor of these subterranean wonders. The large chambers are an amazing addition to your Caribbean vacation.

Puerto Rico rainforest tours allow you to see the wildlife and botanical oddities trapped beneath the high tree cover of the El Yunque rainforest. A thrilling collection of cascading waterfalls, parrots, frogs and hundreds of flowers and trees small and large, many are endemic to the island. The highlights of these Puerto Rico rainforest tours include La Coca and La Mina falls, most which can be set up through your hotel, if you are staying in nearby Fajardo or San Juan.

Puerto Rico tourist sites on Vieques Island begin and end with Puerta Mosquito, the fabled bioluminescent bay located here. You can swim in the bay with the tiny glowing creatures that call this bay home, making for a unique and vaguely psychedelic experience. The small, unicellular plankton that create this natural wonder certainly won't mind sharing their waters with you, and tours from nearby Esperanza are definitely the way to go - especially if you don't want to navigate the dusty, bumpy roads that provide the moonlit path home.

Bioluminescent Bay

Bioluminescent Bay

Bioluminescent Bay is one of the most fascinating attractions in Puerto Rico....

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