Weddings in Puerto Rico

The warm ocean breezes and beachfront locations invite all sorts of romance, and what better place to say "I do" than in a tropical paradise such as Puerto Rico? The island is perfect for lovers, and the best part is, you don't even have to travel for your honeymoon. Puerto Rico has everything you need for a perfect wedding.

Wedding spots in Puerto Rico are not hard to come by. Life-changing occasions require prefect settings, and the island is full of them. Most of the top luxury hotels offer packages designed to set you up with everything you'll need for perfect weddings in Puerto Rico. Whether you want to get hitched on a cliff overlooking the sea or with you feet in the soft sand of the beach, the Wyndham El Conquistador and Spa is one of the top destinations for Puerto Rican weddings. Able wedding planners handle as many (or as few) of the details as you desire, while the resort's wedding package features all kind of add-ons like luxurious trips to the day spa - perfect for relaxing on the day after the big ceremony.

Many of the best wedding spots in Puerto Rico are on the strip of land just east of San Juan known as Isla Verde. Here you'll find hundreds of resorts and hotels willing to hold your reception, not to mention some of the best beach locales for your actual wedding. The San Juan Marriott Resort is one of the best places for Puerto Rican weddings, and they will cater to your every whim on your big day. Whether you prefer the sandy shores or the intimate ballrooms for your impending nuptials, this is one of the top weddings spots in Puerto Rico.

If you want a more isolated venue for your wedding, the Ponce Hilton is the place to go. Seclusion and intimacy are all the rage at the Villa Montana Inn, offering seaside villas surrounded by limestone cliffs, perfect for Puerto Rican weddings. And Rincon oversees so many weddings in Puerto Rico, it's tough to choose the best place to get married - but the Rincon Beach Resort is always a winner.

One thing that you'll be glad to let the hotel's various wedding planners take care of is the legal ramifications of getting married in Puerto Rico. They'll walk you through, step by step, but be aware you will need to apply for a marriage license ahead of time, as they can take up to a month to secure sometimes. You will also need valid identification, a blood test, and any documentation regarding previous marriages.

Weddings in Puerto Rico can be everything you ever wanted, and just about every hotel will go out of their way to bend to your every whim, no matter how crazy it might be. Want to head down the aisle on the back of a donkey? Fine. There's no limit to what you can do, so just follow your dreams down to the shores of Puerto Rico for the wedding you've always wanted.

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