Rincon Puerto Rico

The third largest city on the island, Rincon Puerto Rico is best known as a top surfing destination. In wintertime, the shores belong to those on their boards. Rincon hotels fill with those seeking the perfect wave, its dirt roads packed with surfers heading to the beach. Rincon Puerto Rico surfing is like nowhere else - and although its beaches are legendary for the sport, going back as far as the 60s (when it was host of the World Surfing Championship), Rincon Puerto Rico is not just for surfers - everyone can enjoy the sandy beaches, the amazing azure water crashing on the shore.

There are plenty of Rincon hotels and beach resorts to keep you happy - many of the most secluded and intimate Puerto Rico resorts are located along Rincon's shores, making them a prime destination for honeymoons and weddings. The Rincon Surf and Board make it obvious what kind of guests they are catering to. Outfitted with the only licensed and credited surf school in the Caribbean, surfers of all shape and age can be found here, toiling in the water just outside. There are also a wide range of accommodations in this Rincon hotel, ranging from hostel-style dorm rooms to condo-like private rooms. Another great place to stay is the Rincon Beach Resort, which is the city's swank and stylish answer to the high-rises you'll find in San Juan.

If you plan on snorkeling, or seeing the humpback whales that visit Rincon in the wintertime, most people head to Crashboat Beach - though you will definitely have to share some space with the hordes of surfers that descend onto Puerto Rico's western beaches each year. Because make no mistake about it - in Rincon Puerto Rico, surfing is king. Windsurfers and bodyboarders make their presence felt, but when it's winter, it's peak time for people to grab their boards and get to the beach. Playa Marias is also a great place to spend time in the sun - it's closer to most Rincon beach resorts and is slightly less crowded than Crashboat Beach.

Another feature of Rincon is the close proximity of Desecheo Island, a nice day trip not far across the water, it is home to excellent diving and fishing, and the emerald pools on the beach are great for snorkeling or just walking the soft sand. You can even charter a boat if you want, as there are dozens that sail out of the city.

Also nearby Rincon, you'll find a few good forest hikes, one of Puerto Rico's best golf courses at the Borinquen Golf Club, and short drives to Aguadilla or the caves at Rio Camuy. No matter what brings you to Rincon, it's unlikely that you'll ever want to leave.

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