San Juan Beaches

The San Juan beaches figure among the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico. This popularity has a lot to do with their locations in the busy capital region. It also has something to do with the inviting nature of the beaches themselves, the abundant beachside lodging options, and the numerous watersports activities.

The beaches that are found in and around San Juan Puerto Rico come in various different forms. Some tend to be overcrowded, for example, while others are rather deserted. A certain amount of caution should be exercised when visiting the less crowded strips of sand, as while they are rare, beach thefts have been known to occur along the more deserted stretches of sand.

Among the best public beaches that can be found in the San Juan area are El Escambron Beach and Isla Verde Beach. Both have lifeguards, as well as changing rooms and bathrooms, and visitors can take a cleansing shower to get the sand off before they leave. You can find El Escambron Beach along Avenida Munoz Rivera in Puerta de Tierra, while Isla Verde Beach is situated along Avenida Los Gobernadores in Carolina.

Also worth keeping in mind when it comes to the San Juan beaches is Condado Beach. Popular since the 1920's, this beach is backed by high-rise hotels, and visitors can arrange all sorts of fun watersports activities at the hotel activity desks. The surf can get rough at Condado Beach, so swimmers and snorkelers are encouraged to exercise a certain amount of caution when playing in the water.

East of Condado, you will find another beach that is quite popular with San Juan residents and visitors alike. This beach is known as Ocean Park Beach. It attracts mostly young people, and among the activity options are kite-boarding and beach volleyball. Should you wish to add to your beach options while in San Juan, it can also be a good idea to keep Luquillo Beach in mind. This beach approximately 30 miles east of the capital core is widely considered to be one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico and is worth the trip out.

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