San Sebastian Puerto Rico

San Sebastian Puerto Rico on the island’s northwest side near coastal Aguadillo, is a city south of Quebradillas and Isabela. Founded in 1752, San Sebastian was comprised of just a few cattle farms. The city’s downtown area, called Pepinito, is historically known as one of these farms. It was once a small, verdant mountain topped by a white calcified façade. The town’s north side reveals the cucumbers, or pepinos, for which the town became well-known for. Together these two areas became known as the Cucumber Fields, or Las Vegas del Pepino. In 1865, San Sebastian was officially named San Sebastián de Las Vegas del Pepino. There are more than two dozen barrios within San Sebastian along with San Sebastian Pueblo. There are many attractions within the area including waterfalls, a bustling market plaza, and historic buildings. The post-Christmas San Sebastian Festival is one of the island’s most famous events. It is a social, religious, and cultural event featuring food, fun, music, and special events.

San Sebastian Puerto Rico Hotels

Though there are a host of hotels and resorts to choose from throughout Puerto Rico, tourists will find San Sebastian accommodation a little more challenging. There are a good range of hotels available within the San Sebastian Municipality, which includes several small, nearby towns within a half-hour’s reach or less from the city center. These include Moca, Mayaguez, and Isabela, which together offer upward of 70 small to large hotels. Less than 40 minutes northwest is Aguadilla, a popular base for exploring San Sebastian’s attractions. The coastal location is an ideal spot to explore some of Puerto Rico’s inland attractions with the ability to enjoy the beautiful coast and warm sea. East of San Sebastian is another notable seaside location called Rincon. Rincon is a few minutes farther from the city, but is worth the drive for its warm sea breezes and exciting whale watching tours during the winter months.

Guajataca Lake

Scenic and peaceful Guajataca Lake is a man-made lake situated between the towns of isabela, Quebradillas, and San Sebastian. The surrounding scenery is a compelling reason to camp overnight—excellent fishing opportunities, plenty of hiking, lake swimming, boating, and more are some of the things to do when visiting. The surrounding rain forests are reason enough to make the half-hour trip from San Sebastian. Nature lovers, especially bird watchers, will revel in the many different bird species such as white cranes and osprey. Topographically, the land is raised higher than surrounding areas creating a cooler climate ideal for outdoor activities.

San Sebastian Puerto Rico Map

A look over a map of San Sebastian Puerto Rico map shows an inland city in a country famous for its seacoast. Though San Sebastian attracts business types more than tourists, it’s an interesting city with a storied past and many scenic and attractive cities and points of interest surrounding it. The San Sebastian city center is small compared to the surrounding areas, which are mostly farmlands. The main shopping center is located on the north side of the downtown area. Nearby is the Coliseo Luis Aymat Stadium. The subtropical forests of Bosque Estatal de Guajataca just 20 minutes north provide an excellent place for hiking almost 30 scenic trails with elevations of up to 1,000 feet.

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