Transportation in Puerto Rico is hardly a problem. Sure, some of the best beach access roads can get a little bumpy, but it's not usually a huge problem. Puerto Rico public transportation is fairly good across the major cities, though the buses that connect the larger cities can sometimes be infrequent - if you plan on exploring a majority of the island, getting a rental in Puerto Rico is always the best way to go. Plus, many of the best beaches and most secluded spots on the island are completely unreachable by bus - though some major tourist draws, like the beaches on Vieques, sometimes have shuttle access from the larger hotels.

Getting a rental car in Puerto Rico is no different than anywhere else - you'll find all the major rental companies lined up inside the San Juan International Airport, as well as the airport in Vieques. If you are headed to either Vieques or Culebra, though, you can either get a rental car and take a ferry over from San Juan or Fajardo, or fly into the islands directly and pick up a car there. It's about the same, pricewise, though most prefer the convenience of doing everything out of San Juan. Other major cities like Rincon and Ponce are also excellent places to pick up a rental car in Puerto Rico.

If you are just planning to bum around the major cities, Puerto Rico public transportation will probably be enough to suit your needs. Exceedingly cheap and comprehensive, any city large enough that you can't see the sights by foot will have great service. Otherwise, you might have a bit of trouble if you aren't getting a rental car in Puerto Rico. Transportation in Puerto Rico is also centered on something called "public cars," which are just large vans that move from one city to another. Though fares and routes are set by the Public Service Commission, the times are not laid out anywhere, so it's best to either contact them by phone at the airport, or to make arrangements through your hotel.

Ferries make up a large portion of transportation in Puerto Rico, whether it's too Vieques, or to one of the many tiny islands just off the southern shore. If you are staying at the Puerto Rico beach resort of Wyndham El Conquistador, you will get familiar with the ferries quickly, as the resort is located on an island all its own.

So whether you plan to rely on a rental car, public cars, or the Puerto Rico public transportation system, you should have little problem navigating the island, and no matter which way you go, it's likely to be inexpensive. Even the most expensive car rentals won't run you more than $50 a day, and bus fares are either 25 or 50 cents, depending on your destination.

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