Saba Beaches

Saba beaches may be scenic, but they don’t exactly fit the traditional profile of Caribbean beaches and their miles of sugar-white sand. This tiny island, only five square miles, is known more for its outdoor adventures than for its sunbathing opportunities. Because of the volcanic nature and size of the island, Saba Island beaches aren’t what many travelers think of when they picture the Caribbean. If you are looking for an unspoiled island where you can indulge in adventurous activities from scuba diving to snorkeling to hiking, then Saba will be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you’re dreaming of long walks on miles of beach, you may want to spend part of your Caribbean vacation elsewhere.

The volcanic past of the island resulted in one black sand beach in Saba. This unusual feature usually draws curious travelers who want to experience a black sand beach. There is however one problem with the black sand beach in Saba, it comes and goes with the seasons. Located at Well’s Bay, it is one of two Saba beaches where you can spend a relaxing day working on your tan. The weather in Saba is consistent all year long and the average temperature is a pleasant 80 degrees. The high season is from mid-December through mid-April and during these months you might find Saba Island beaches to be slightly more crowded.

Saba beaches aren’t only for sunbathing. Many visitors plan a picnic and enjoy the scenery instead of lathering on the sun tan lotion. This Caribbean island draws an adventurous crowd who are more interested in climbing Mount Scenery than baking on the beach. Visitors will have two choices of Saba Island beaches, the black sand beach at Well’s Bay or Cove Bay. Located on the northeast section of the island, Cove Bay is known for being secluded and private. This small beach is a mixture of grey sand and small stones and the calm swimming area is especially inviting. For a day of relaxation between adventurous excursions around the island, Cove Bay is a good choice.

Beyond beaches, marine life is what makes a trip to Saba so exciting. Because the underwater world in Saba is protected, you must make a reservation with one of the three tour companies to go scuba diving. The expertise of local guides will ensure that you see the best coral, tropical fish, sea turtles, and more all around the island. If you don’t have your scuba diving certification, you could always take the lessons while in Saba or simply spend a few days snorkeling. You will see almost everything that scuba divers will see right from the surface of the water. After a good exploration, a picnic on one of the beaches will be the ideal refreshment.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the landscape that doesn’t include hiking boots or scuba gear, Saba cruises are a great option. You can lounge in the sun aboard a charter boat or sailboat and enjoy the views of the scenic island. This is a comfortable alternative to spreading your towel on the black sand beach in Saba. Ask at your hotel if they have a recommendation for a boat tour, or you could always climb aboard a ferry as well to get the “at sea” experience. However you decide to spend your days in Saba, you will be glad you took the time to discover this unspoiled island.

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Saba Beaches


Saba beaches may be scenic, but they don’t exactly fit the traditional profil...

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