Saba Diving

Saba diving is one of the biggest attractions on this island and for good reason—the Saba Marine Park is a scuba diver’s dream come true. This five-square-mile island might not have much to offer in the way of golden beaches, but it does offer incredible marine life and scuba diving opportunities. This is a heavily protected area, so independent diving isn’t permitted. If you want to scuba dive in Saba, you must sign up for a tour with one of the three operators in the island. Many visitors in the end are very happy with this arrangement, as they learn a great deal from tour guides who know the absolute best spots to dive on the island.

Saba diving is popular for many reasons. Colorful coral, a wide range of tropical fish, and sea turtles are all regular sights when you scuba dive in Saba. Beyond these regular scuba diving sights, there is something else that makes the Saba Marine Park special. Lava tunnels and hot springs provide divers a glimpse of Saba’s volcanic past. Sheer walls, incredible groove formations, and rays of all shapes and sizes will elevate your dive much beyond the typical scuba experience. As these facts have been wider known amongst dive enthusiasts, more experienced divers from around the globe have come to Saba to see these sights with their own eyes.

Beyond scuba diving, there are many other attractions on the island as well. Saba is known for its ecotourism, including marine life and more. If you’re planning on spending a few days in Saba, take a day away from the sea to climb a mountain. Mount Scenery, which is located near the village of Windwardside, is the striking peak on the island, and it is possible to climb more than 1,000 stone steps to reach its apex. Besides the sense of accomplishment you are sure to feel at the top, there are also incredible views of the entire island and beyond. Many people may arrive here to see the Saba Marine Park, and are shocked at how much they enjoy their climb to Mount Scenery.

If you’re interested in Saba diving, there are only three tour companies on the island: Saba Deep Dive Center, Saba Divers, and Sea Saba Dive Center. All three can be reached by e-mail and Saba Deep Dive Center has a website detailing its offerings. These three agencies are all certified and not only will give tours, but will provide lessons for scuba diving. If Saba diving is going to be your first scuba experience, you will need a few lessons before taking the plunge. These certified operators will help you to take the necessary steps to receive your certification where afterwards, you will be able to dive without needing to take lessons again.

There are tours to scuba dive in Saba seven days a week. Saba Deep Dive Center was the first certified agency on the island, opening its doors in 1981. This team will create a personalized experience and can give small groups all the attention they need. Saba Divers is also a resort, and offers dive enthusiasts a complete experience including accommodation. Sea Saba is the third choice, and one of the best. This tour operator specializes in packages that include luxury hotels, private cottages, or eco-style retreats. With a tour operator for every type of visitor, you are to find a match when you want to get underwater in Saba.

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