Saba Ferries

Saba ferries let you move between islands in the Caribbean affordably, and after all, who wouldn’t dream of island-hopping through this part of the world? That kind of luxurious vacation isn’t only for the rich and famous, however, as you can find budget trips on the boats that travel around the Caribbean Sea. This spontaneous approach to travel will result in moving on a whim—whenever you feel like checking out a new place, you can hop aboard a ferry and see what the next island has to offer. The Saba St Maarten Ferry is one popular route for island hopping. Visiting these two islands will give you the best of both worlds: one island is full of long stretches of golden beaches while the other promises amazing scuba diving experiences.

If you do have a little extra money to spend, there is always Saba cruises as well. While the island doesn’t offer much for long stretches of beach, it does offer great opportunities for a scenic cruise. Some visitors choose to charter a boat to see the entire coastline of the island in one trip. Saba cruises can be an extravagant day at sea complete with champagne and a gourmet picnic, or can be a more modest affair of an hour’s tour at sunset. Whether you choose Saba ferries or a cruise, it is imperative to get out on the water when you visit this tiny island in the Caribbean.

The Saba St Maarten ferry is ideal for travelers who want to visit Saba, but aren’t interested in staying overnight. It is possible to take the ferry over in the morning, spend the day climbing to the top of Mount Scenery or on a scuba diving tour, and then return on the same evening. This ticks many boxes for busy travelers, as it will allow you experience the view of the islands from the deck of a boat and will show you the highlights of Saba. Many visitors who take a ride on the Saba St Maarten Ferry wind up returning to Saba at another time to get to know the island on a more intimate level.

Saba ferries aren’t the only way to reach the island. There is only one airport in Saba, Yrausquin Airport, which is known for a unique feature. It has a short runway that at the end plunges over a cliff to the sea. This runway promises an exhilarating landing or take-off for anyone who wants to reach Saba this way. The flight between the two islands is only twelve minutes, so if you want to maximize your time—or if you are prone to seasickness on a ferry—flights to Saba might be the way to go. Once you arrive at the airport, it is easy to reach anywhere on the five-square-mile island.

Saba cruises will depart and arrive at Fort Bay. Here you will find a couple restaurants and bars, although don’t expect a wide variety of choices. Once your ferry has arrived, you will be able to choose from a variety of activities. The most popular is scuba diving. Because the marine life in Saba is protected, you must sign up for a tour with one of the three operators. Alternatively, you could climb more than 1,000 stone steps to the top of Mount Scenery, departing from the town of Windwardside. This is a great option for independent travelers, or you could hire a local guide to illuminate some of the local flora and fauna. However you decide to spend your day in Saba, you will be glad you decided to get on the ferry and explore another place in the Caribbean.

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