Mount Scenery

Mount Scenery is one of the best attractions on the island of Saba. This mountain draws adventurous travelers who want to spend some time in the Caribbean hiking. Stretching to almost 3,000 feet in elevation, this Saba volcano is the most striking feature of the island. Unlike other Caribbean Islands, Saba is known more for its adventurous activities then for its beaches. At only five square miles, Saba doesn’t offer wide stretches of golden sand, but it does offer great opportunities for scuba diving and hiking. If you’re planning an active vacation, grab your hiking boots and get ready to climb the summit in Saba.

The climb to the top of Mount Scenery begins in Windwardside. This is one of four towns on the island and is home to most of the hotels. Just outside of Windwardside, the stone steps to reach the Saba volcano begin. There are more than 1,000 stone steps that lead to the top of the mountain, but the views are incredibly rewarding. For the most enjoyable trip, make sure you bring along water and wear proper shoes. Also be sure to bring along your camera, the climb provides stunning views of the island and beyond. You will also encounter the best of Saba’s flora and fauna including orchids, colorful birds, and tree frogs.

Mount Scenery is known as the highest peak in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Visitors who want more information about the peak should hire a local guide to accompany their climb. This will maximize your excursion and you are sure to learn a great deal about Saba’s flora and fauna, but also about its history and culture. Hiring a local guide is a great way to get to know Saba, whether you want to climb Mount Scenery or take a boat tour around the island. Most local people in Saba speak English well so you won’t have a problem finding an English-speaking guide.

The last eruption of the Saba volcano was in the year 1640. Today the lava dome forms the summit of Mount Scenery. While this may be the biggest attraction on the island itself, scuba diving is just as popular with visitors as well. Saba offers a rich variety of marine life, and expert tour operators can bring you to the best locations to encounter tropical fish, sea turtles, colorful color, and more. Many visitors to the island are so busy mountain climbing, scuba diving, and snorkeling that they don’t even miss lazy days of lounging on the beach. One way to enjoy the beaches in Saba is to plan a picnic after an adventurous day.

Other attractions in Saba include art and architecture. There are four villages to explore, the two largest of which are The Bottom and Windwardside, and each offers a glimpse into charming local architecture. Stop into art galleries to view work by local artists or get to know the culture of Saba through restaurants and dining. If you’re looking for entertainment, ferries and cruises are a popular option for an excursion. Beyond mountain climbing and scuba diving, there is still plenty to do when you visit Saba. Whatever you do, don’t miss the chance to climb Mount Scenery and take in the panoramic views from the summit.

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Mount Scenery

Mount Scenery

Mount Scenery is one of the best attractions on the island of Saba. This moun...

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