Saba Attractions

Saba attractions are plentiful enough to keep your trip to the Dutch Caribbean exciting—despite the fact that this tiny Caribbean island encompasses only five square miles. The long list of things to do in Saba is what attracts visitors in the first place. Compared to other Caribbean Islands, Saba doesn’t have the exquisite beaches, but it does offer a wide range of activities and attractions for the adventurous traveler. Known as one of the scuba diving capitals of the Caribbean, there are many dive sites where you are sure to encounter an underwater world you didn’t know existed. From hiking to scuba to boating, your days in Saba will be spent enjoying one adventure after another.


The best Saba attractions are part of the natural landscape. This tiny volcanic island has a rich variety of attractions to offer travelers who are interested in local scenery. Ecotourism has grown significantly in recent years as travelers have expressed an interest in exploring nature trails, planning birding excursions, and heading underwater for a glimpse of the famous Saba Marine Park. The best part about these things to in Saba is their distance from the hectic pace of everyday life. Spending a day scuba diving or searching for rare birds will deliver the unspoiled experience that travelers come to Saba to find.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving and the underwater world is undoubtedly the biggest of all Saba attractions. Dive enthusiasts from around the globe dream of planning a trip to Saba to encounter sea turtles, colorful coral, a variety of tropical fish, and more. Diving in Saba isn’t permitted independently, so you will need to make reservations with one of the three experienced dive operators on the island. These knowledgeable guides will help you to discover lava tunnels and hot springs that are reminiscent of the island’s volcanic past as well as marine life including turtles, rays, colorful fish, and more.


The best things to do in Saba are adventurous activities. Beyond scuba diving and snorkeling, exploring the island by hiking is also popular. If you’re up for a challenge, plan a hike to the top of Mount Scenery, stretching to almost 3,000 feet in height. Visitors will undoubtedly be stunned at the outstanding view from the apex of the island. Less adventurous travelers will want to take a hike along the Road, the main road on the island that also offers access to a variety of hiking trails. If you’re interested in birding, hire a local guide to help plan a day of searching for the island’s most beautiful and rare birds.


From the depths of the Saba Marine Park to the heights of Mount Scenery, this small island is packed with exciting things to do outdoors, but the people of Saba also bring a great deal of depth to vacations here. For a chance to learn about local culture, plan a trip during the pre-Lenten festival of Carnival to see how locals celebrate. If you’re interested in art, there are galleries including the Peanut Gallery, which features work by local artists.


Architecture is another attraction on the island; Saba is home to small villages that boast beautiful architecture. During your trip be sure to visit Windwardside, The Bottom, Hell’s Gate, and St John’s to experience Saba’s local charm. From diving to hiking to relaxing in town, there is something for every type of traveler on this tiny island in the Caribbean.

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