Saba Vacation Rentals

Saba vacation rentals might be exactly the alternative path you desire if you’re looking for a different way to experience the Caribbean on your next vacation. The island of Saba is only five square miles in size and delivers an unspoiled Caribbean experience that many other larger islands simply can’t achieve. Your small plane will arrive on a short runway that seems to plunge into the sea, and after a short drive on the only road on the island, you will arrive at Saba villas. With more space, privacy, and quiet than a standard hotel, you will find yourself in a perfect Caribbean escape.

There are many reasons why travelers choose Saba Island rentals over hotels. Independent travelers are drawn to the island of Saba for ecotourism and adventure. Saba vacation rentals go hand in hand with this type of experience. With Saba villas, you will be in a much better position to enjoy the pristine landscapes than you would be in a hotel. Many of the villas also have more secluded locations, while hotels and inns are located in the towns, especially in the town of Windwardside. After a long day of scuba or hiking, returning to the comfort of a vacation rental will be ideal.

Interestingly enough, some travelers find out about Saba Island rentals through scuba. If you are planning a trip to see the incredible Saba Marine Park, then you probably know that independent scuba isn’t permitted on the island. There are three tour companies that operate on the island, and one of them, Sea Saba, specializes in connecting travelers with packages that include Saba Island rentals or eco-lodges. Travelers that are seeking a luxury experience might want to go down this path, as this tour company has a lot of experience satisfying the needs of international clients.

Not everyone who is interested in Saba vacation rentals is interested in scuba diving. Another of the most popular attractions on the island is Mount Scenery. Many adventure seekers arrive to climb this mountain, and take in all the beautiful flora and fauna along the journey. You will climb more than 1,000 stone steps to reach the top of the mountain, and the view of the entire island all around is incredibly rewarding. Some visitors choose to hire a local guide to make the most of this hiking experience. Once you finish your hike, relaxing in the comfort and extra space of a vacation rental will definitely beat returning to a small hotel room.

Saba villas are as luxurious or basic as you desire. While the choice isn’t as large as on some other Caribbean islands, such as nearby St Martin, you still will be able to find choices in different price ranges. From small cottages that are perfect for adventurous couples to larger homes that are ideal for a family reunion, you will find the perfect property for you in Saba. Whether you stay for a few days of scuba diving or want to escape the real world for a week or more, the vacation rentals on the island of Saba will feel like your home away from home.

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