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Saba vacations are sure to tempt adventurous travelers. This island may be small, but it packs a big punch when it comes to attractions and scenery. At just five square miles, Saba has established itself as one of the best places in the Caribbean for scuba diving. Visitors also plan Saba travel for mountain climbing, to attend local festivals, to experience the local flora and fauna, or to rent a cottage and escape the typical Caribbean vibe. Whatever makes you plan your Saba island vacation, you are sure to be glad you are off the beaten path in the Caribbean.

The biggest reason travelers plan Saba vacations is for scuba diving. The Saba Marine Park is known around the globe by diving enthusiasts. Here you will see schools of tropical fish, sea turtles, rays of many colors and sizes, and features that will remind you of the island’s volcanic past. Saba travel has grown in recent years as the word has gotten out about just how good scuba diving here can be. There is no independent diving allowed on the island however, so you must sign up for a tour with one of the three major tour companies. If you have never done any scuba diving before, this is also the perfect opportunity to learn and gain your certification.

Another top reason for planning a Saba Island vacation is climbing Mount Scenery. This is the largest peak on the island, and offers incredibly rewarding views from the top. The path begins just outside the town of Windwardside, and you will climb more than 1,000 stone steps to reach the summit. This peak is actually a volcano, but hasn’t erupted since 1640. Many travelers choose to hire a local guide to accompany them on the climb, as there is interesting flora, fauna, and history to be learned. Local guides will share their knowledge about what you see, and also will give you a glimpse into local Saba culture as well.

One reason travelers don’t plan Saba vacations are for the beaches. While this island does offer one black-sand beach, which comes and goes with the seasons, it doesn’t offer the wide stretches of golden sand that many people desire when they plan a trip to the Caribbean. This doesn’t mean you can’t soak up the sun though—plan a boat trip and you can spend the entire day on deck admiring the beautiful views of Saba. If this sounds like a bit of a splurge, take the ferry over to St Martin for the day and get the same views from the ocean. No trip to Saba would be complete with some sort of boat trip, so whether you choose scuba diving or a ferry, be sure to get out on the water.

If you plan on a Saba Island vacation that will last a few days, you will need accommodation. Visitors can choose between hotels and vacation rentals. If you are planning a scuba trip, some of the scuba companies also offer complete packages that include accommodation. Travelers looking for the ultimate secluded experience will want to choose the privacy of vacation rentals. Weather is a consistent average temperature of 80 degrees all year long, so you don’t need to worry about spiking temperatures in Saba. The peak season is from mid-December through mid-April, so plan on vacations costing a little more during this time. Whenever you plan Saba travel, you are to be stunned by the magnificent scenery of this Caribbean island.

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