Saba Weather

Saba weather is relatively mild year-round, but the island does have its high and low seasons like the rest of the region The best time to visit Saba is during the peak season, between mid-December and mid-April, after hurricane seasons has passed and the rains have mostly stopped.

Winter: These months are popular times to visit, as many travelers are looking to escape the cold and snow. Saba weather is very consistent, with an average daily high in the low 80s and lows in the mid-70s. In the winter, the temperature can dip below 70 at night, but it’s still quite warm. The Carnival season, which usually occurs in February or March, is a great time to visit if you want to learn about local culture.

Spring: The warm temperatures and lack of rain continue into March and April, though prices for airfare and hotels are higher at this time of year. It’s a great time to be outdoors, as you can count on staying dry—if you climb to the top of Mount Scenery, you just need to bring a few extra layers for the cooler temperatures you’ll find at the summit. Otherwise, you’ll just need your beach gear and some snorkeling or diving equipment.

Summer: The rainy season and higher humidity begin in the summer, and though temperatures are not significantly higher than winter and spring patterns, they can reach the mid to high 80s, and the heat index may be higher. If you need a beach trip, however, the humidity might not matter, and you can spend your time scuba diving with fewer tourists than you’ll see later in the year. If you are traveling on a budget, the best time to visit Saba is in the summer and fall; airfare and hotels with almost certainly be cheaper.

Fall: Late summer is the least popular time to visit Saba, as hurricane season, which generally lasts from late August through early October, can bring strong tropical storms to the region. Because of the weather, some travelers stay away from the Caribbean at this time of year, but if you don’t mind a little uncertainty and some potentially heavy rain (Saba averages 46 inches a year), this can be a pleasant time to go, with lower prices and fewer tourists.

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