Windwardside Saba

Windwardside Saba is the second-largest town on the island, after the capital town of The Bottom. The name is a very literal one, the town is actually located on the windward side of the island. In recent years, the four small towns of Saba have gained attention for their charming architecture. Travelers are now arriving for this feature as well as scuba diving, hiking, and soaking up the sun. Windwardside Saba is also well known on the island because it is starting point for the hike up the stairs to the top of Mount Scenery.

Most of the tourists who plan to spend time in Saba stay in Windwardside hotels. The town is home to a variety of hotels and inns that provide accommodation for tourists who want to explore the best scuba diving sites or hiking trails. Beyond Windwardside hotels there are other amenities for travelers in the town as well. Dive shops, banks, grocery stores, and gift shops are all located in Windwardside Saba for the convenience of visitors. If you’re interested in learning about local history, there is also a Maritime Museum full of local history here.

Another of the small towns on the island is Hell’s Gate Saba. After leaving the airport, this is the first town that travelers will see. Located 1,000 feet above sea level, Hell’s Gate Saba is well known for a few reasons. Beyond the charming architecture that it also shares with other towns on the island, Hell’s Gate is also known for a potent spiced rum called Saba Spice. It is also home to shops that sell Saba Lace, a church, and a now-closed sulfur mine. Hiking enthusiasts will also visit Hell’s Gate Saba as the starting point of the Crispin Trail which leads hikers on a two-hour excursion to Diamond Rock and incredible views of the coastline.

Visitors to Saba will have a few different Windwardside hotels to choose from. Most hotels are small bed and breakfasts or inns that maintain the unspoiled island atmosphere travelers are looking for in accommodation. Some of the top choices include the Cottage Club, Juliana’s Hotel, and Scout’s Place Hotel. Another option for travelers is to look into vacation rentals. Hotels in Saba won’t offer the level of service and amenities that other Caribbean resorts do, so therefore choosing the privacy and serenity of vacation rentals has very few negative qualities. You might save more money and get more value by choosing rentals over hotels in Saba.

From Windwardside, it will be easy to explore everything that the island of Saba has to offer. Whether you want to climb to the top of Mount Scenery or spend your trip scuba diving at various sites around the island, Windwardside will be a good home base. If you’re looking for a little excitement in the evening, there are a couple bars and restaurants along the pier in Fort Bay where locals and visitors can enjoy a meal or a drink. To escape the hectic pace of everyday life, choose a hotel or vacation rental on this pristine Caribbean island.

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