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St Barts car rental options are abundant and the variety of vehicles available for hire is extensive. There are both well-known car rental chains available, where cars can be picked up and dropped off upon arrival and departure, as well as many high-end services that will arrange a rental for vacations, drop it off at a villa or hotel, and take care of the return. A valid driver’s license is all that’s necessary. There are a variety of ways to enjoy a cheap car rental in St Barts too, including renting during a slower season, such as the summer months, or renting a compact car, of which there are many makes and models to choose from.

Getting around St Barts is best done with a car rental. The island is small, but beaches and restaurants are very spaced out so getting between them is difficult. There is a lack of public transportation and limited, expensive taxi services unless you’ve hired your own personal driver. The hilly island has narrow roadways and winding routes, but with a little practice, a St Barts car rental offers the best way to explore the many shopping options, beaches, and restaurants.

Imported cars include an array of European models and some well-known American cars, too, including BMWs and luxury Jeeps. Yet the biggest offering comes in small sizes like Yaris’s, Mini Coopers, and convertible Smart Cars. The majority of both expensive and cheap car rentals are stick shifts so it’s good to have the ability to drive one. Most rental agencies offer pick-up and drop-off services at the airport and harbor. Some villas even include a car, which is one of the best ways to enjoy a cheap rental car in St Barts.

A St Barts car rental is accommodated by two island gas stations, which are both shut down on Sundays so be sure to fill up. One is close to the airport and opens early in the morning and closes at 12 p.m. It reopens at 2 p.m. and closes again at 5 p.m. In Lorient, by Lorient Beach, is the other gas station location. It opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m. When all else fails, the airport provides a gas station that only accepts credit cards.

Finding a cheap rental car in St Barts isn’t all that difficult at any time of year. It’s getting a car that can be difficult, especially in high season, between December and April, when an advanced reservation of a few months is ideal. For convenience, most rental agencies are situated on the north coast near the airport. Budget and Avis are among the most popular, but there are also several local car hires available. Though prices vary by season, roughly $50 covers the cost of a daily rental. Mini-vans and four-wheel-drive vehicles are offered in addition to the many small cars in island fleets.

Every St Barts car rental agency offers a collision-damage waiver that does cost extra, but is nominal. These days many credit card companies cover this expense. Be sure to check your own personal credit cards for this service. Many car companies require both an advanced reservation and small deposit to secure a vehicle. Many St Barts hotels will take care of reservations for guests upon request. From about April through to November, reservations are still recommended but not as necessary. This time of year is the best to find a really cheap rental car in St Barts.

Due to decreased visibility along many winding island roads, common practice is incessantly honking when turning wide corners to avoid fender benders. The best views are along the south stretch between Grand Fond Beach and Toiny Beach near lauded Le Toiny Hotel, where the road lines the coast. A St Barts car rental is also excellent for exploring the many beaches. Visitors can quickly travel from southern Grand Saline to raw and wild Colombier Beach at the north tip, which is celebrated for its remoteness and excellent snorkeling conditions.

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