St Barts Restaurants

St Barts restaurants offer an indescribable gastronomic adventure filled with French delights and West Indian specialties. More than 75 restaurants present different price points and atmospheres to choose between as well as a large range of menus. Many of the top restaurants in St Barts are closely tied to luxury hotels scattered around the island. There are also many excellent independent restaurants comprising the options for dining in St Barts. No matter what your mood, there is something that will satiate every hunger whim.

St Barts is definitely about diversity which is keenly reflected in the many different St Barts restaurants. Casual and upscale beach restaurants, hotel restaurants, divine high-end eateries, and party spots are each vying for a chance to show visitors how commendable their food is while showing you the best time possible.

St Barts is known for importing an array of goods from France and food is no different. Even though fresh, local fish is available, it’s common for top chefs to have specialty seafood flown in from Europe and the US along with succulent meats, cheeses, and other fine foods. The blend of local cuisine and the freshest of imports creates a unique chance to tantalize palates with magnificent, innovative creations.

From a simple, fresh sandwich to a spectacular meal, dining in St Barts is an exceptional experience. One of the top restaurants in St Barts is at Relais & Chateaux’s Le Toiny Hotel where there is luxurious dining area. Dining alongside a celebrity is a common experience. Chefs demonstrate a flair for the art of cooking by using fresh and exotic ingredients in all dishes. The backdrop is romantic and definitely Caribbean inspired with an open-air dining room and loads of tropical appeal. A panoramic ocean view, celebrated Sunday champagne brunch, and dishes like filet of grouper served with local bananas garner top reviews.

Harborside dining in St Barts is a must, if just to enjoy the view of the twinkling harbor lights and eat at one of the top restaurants in St Barts. Within Gustavia, there are many notable dining options put forth by professional chefs creating exquisite dishes. A large, candlelit terrace is the setting at many restaurants. Dining is often traditionally French Creole with restaurants exemplifying fresh Caribbean-inspired decor. Specialties such as beef filet, sauteed foie gras, and roasted rack of lamb. Fresh fish, fowl, and seafood are more dishes available at several upscale dining spots.

Dining along St Barts beaches is another way to enjoy great food. Top restaurants in St Barts along the shores of St Jean are prime targets for purveyors of epicurean menus. Indicative of its seaside location, St Jean restaurants serve up menus filled with grilled fish, succulent lobster, and flavorful island dishes in a lively, sociable setting. Close to popular Shell Beach, there are several good options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most of the top restaurants in St Barts around this area feature a blend of casual dishes laced with French Creole, West Indies, and international flavors. Grand Cul de Sac Beach is another favorite area for St Barts dining. This well-developed area offers casual cafes, five-star restaurants, and lively bars.

The highest level of dining in St Barts is available by hiring a private chef, an amenity that is well used among the island’s elite clientele. Though it might be a guilty pleasure for some, for most of St Barts rich and famous, a private chef is part and parcel of everyday life. Dine on the terrace under the stars at one of the island’s amazing villas, host a pool side dinner, or enjoy a romantic encounter for two where the entire setup, meal preparation, and clean up is entirely taken care of.

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