Flamands Beach

Flamands Beach is one of more than twenty island beaches underlining the very essence of St Barts natural beauty. Behind the crescent-shaped expanse, the rolling hills are home to magnificent Flamands Beach villas as well as a select number of island hotels. The beach’s status is public yet it remains a crowd-free spot most of the year and is favored for being one of the widest island beaches. The location, at the tip of the island away from the capital, attributes to the peacefulness of the area.

Flamands Beach offers plenty to do along the shores including snorkeling and diving, horseback riding, and swimming. For an easy day trip, head west to the next beach over, Colombier, reachable via a half-hour hike (the only way to get there besides a boat). There are many things to do along the shores of pretty and peaceful Colombier such as Sunday picnics and overnight camping trips, two favorite local pastimes.

Smaller, two-story villas with oceanfront terraces line Flamands Beach with properties stretching to the waterline. Most have private gardens are equipped up to St Barts standards, which are quite high. Flamands Beach villas dot the hilly backdrop with some lining the beach, but many others sit high up in the hills. Some are very extravagant while others are a more simplified version. Because of this, prices can range quite a bit for villas here so shopping around is key. Being on the northern island tip, the beach can be dangerous in the winter due to undertows and large waves.

There are a few hotels near Flamands Beach St Barts, including the luxurious Isle de France and Hotel Baie de Anges, a family-owned and operated hotel featuring only ten rooms and La Langouste, a very popular beach restaurant. Other hotels near Flamands Beach St Barts include the Taiwana, only fifteen minutes by car from Gustavia and featuring a restaurant, only thirteen luxury accommodations, and many upscale amenities.

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