Saline Beach

Saline Beach is located to the east of secluded Governours Beach on the south side of St Barts in the Caribbean. The turquoise sea dominates the view, wrapped on the edges by white sandy beach, and backed by green rolling hills. It is a vision of perfection. Getting to Anse de Grande Saline means parking cars in the parking lot by the salt pond, which the beach's name derives from, and taking a short hike to the water’s edge. Saline is one of the few beaches that doesn’t play host to the coral reefs encircling most of St Barts. Without reefs, it gets quite windy which means swimming conditions aren’t exactly ideal.

European-style sunbathing, essentially nude or topless sunbathing, is popular on unspoiled Saline Beach so do expect to see topless and nude visitors, but don’t feel as if you must be clothing-free. Most nude sunbathers head to the left of the path where the unofficial nude area is. Be sure to pack plenty of sun screen as there is no shade whatsoever along Anse de Grande Saline. Also be sure to pack your own cold drinks, beach umbrellas, chairs, food, and other beach gear because there is no dining, shopping or other amenities available at Saline Beach.

The backdrop all around Anse de Grande Saline is extremely wild, pristine, and filled with colors perfectly suited to the surroundings, putting visitors in an ambrosial setting. The beach is perfect for picnics, mooring sailboats, or just taking a walk on. There is quite a distance between Saline Beach and Toiny Beach, farther east up the coast, which adds to the quiet nature of the area. There are a few villas scattered around this peaceful beach haven but unless your budget fits several thousand dollars per night, the opportunities to stay nearby dwindle quickly.

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